Tuesday, August 24, 2004

10 Reasons Why We Love...

Alex Parks

1) She has bonza hair. You can't knock the hair.
2) She covered 'Yellow' - the girl has good taste. She actually did it fairly well.
3) She won a reality TV show and deserved it, like Will Young and Girls Aloud, but unlike...
4) Snedders. She is 20 times better than Snedders. He quit, anyway.
5) I have the same bracelet as Alex. She wears it in the 'Maybe That's What It Takes' video.
6) She is an ambassador for 'petite' people everywhere, and is much better than Jamie Cunt Cullum.
7) Her voice is unique. Some people love it, some people hate it. We think it rocks.
8) She isn't a clown anymore.
9) She writes great original songs.
10) Her album is beautiful. And platinum. And full of amazing covers and originals. With piano backing. Truly bonza. Buy now!

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