Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Blast From The Past

Does anybody remember...?

Robbie Williams - It's Only Us

Nope. Didn't think so. I loved this track so much, and it faded into oblivion. Why? It was like Eternity, part of a double a-side without being featured on the album. It had it's own video. Unfortunately, it wasn't the belter of a ballad that was 'She's The One' and, despite the fact it reached number one, you hardly EVER hear it on the radio anymore. Nor on the million video channels we have at chez Hannah. It's sad, and it's true. Like the fact that I own the single. Wait, that's not sad! It's the only way I can legally obtain the music in question without i-tunes or the like, which I am forbidden to use. Now just watch that halo appear above my head...

The fact remains - it is an awesome song, with an awesome video. And that's not because it begins with a naked Robbie, I assure you. It's the electricity eating and millions of Robbie clones. Really! The music's quick, fast and rocky and because it's so sacred and underplayed, this makes it even better. It has the cry of 'Rock me Amadeus!' and an organ solo. It has mention of 'Stoke on Trent'. It, to round off my rambling, is genius.

Well it's all kicking off...Baby it's alright...Baby it's alright...You don't need to cause a fuss...Baby it's alright...Baby it's alright....It's only us...