Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Most Cringeworthy Video Award

Most Cringeworthy Video Nominees:

V - Can You Feel It
As nominated by Hannah, this video features V, a street and a lot of dancers. The boys are dressed as a milkman, a paperboy, an ice-cream man amongst other things. It's incredibly cheesy and full of stupid outfits and even stupider grins. Oh, and cliched concepts.
'I couldn't possibly comment as this video is genius and V are lovely and did I mention CUTE?' - Leo

O-Zone - Dragostei Din Tei
This awkward mix of animation, illustration, subtitled lyrics and dancing on the wings of a plane is nothing short of unbearable. It looks cheap. And the fact that you can understand what they're singing makes it a whole lot worse...
'Agreed, it's pretty terrible, but then again it IS europop...' - Hannah

Girls Aloud - The Show
It's a pantomime full of cheap gimmicks, really. Wax, childish tanning pranks, hair, dancing on chairs (!), that sort of thing. I'm going to try not to badmouth it too much...but only because their next video is slightly worse...
'Do you really WANT to upset Leo, Richard Parker? He likes this one too...' - Hannah

Phixx - Wild Boys
Having not seen this video, I'm going to have to ask Leo:
'Erm. Rubbish-looking fake backgrounds. Jumping about and fighting their way past fake plant-type things. The gay one pretending to be straight. Again. '
It's so cringeworthy I change the channel when it's on. OK, that's a lie, I sit and stare at the pretty boys.'
- Leo

3 of a Kind - Babycakes
Using cakes as sexual metaphors and heavily made-up women pretending to be robots...squirting chocolate sauce over each other... it isn't the way to make a video. It also doesn't help that the song is about the worst thing to get to number one this year.

And the winner is...

3 of a Kind - Babycakes
Most Cringeworthy Video