Friday, August 27, 2004

On the subject of nominees...

Here are a few hints as to what we might have so far...

The Show? Cringeworthy? You mean BRILLIANT/Best Video nominee.
Mmm and V are very lovely. It's not cringeworthy, it's CUTE.
Jen Ellison crapness = correct though. All your noms for that award, actually.
By the way, all animated videos are rubbish.
L x

Those two latest Girls Aloud videos look like it's one huge pantomime or something. It's awful. And the one with the unnaturally skinny legs scares me. And V ARE cringeworthy! It's all SO overacted and I can't even spot the cute one. And one's a milkman, for god's sake.

By the way, the video for Let Love Be Your Energy was not rubbish and THAT was animated. I also once got my hands on the rather explicit 'bloopers' - they were very funny. But most other animated music vids don't deserve to exist.
H x