Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Who the hell is Leo?

I've just realised the sheer stupidity of that title. If you read this, you are probably going to be Michael, Emma, Callum, Jamie or Crystal and you all have a vague (if not, rather accurate) idea of who Leo is.

I've also realised that I can't actually explain who Leo is, except for the fact that he is lovely, has a tiger called Richard Parker and is going to be wrecking up contributing to my blog.

He reckons we're going to be like the new 'Michael and Crystal'. Hmm. To some degree, we might just be, however much I don't want to look as if I'm trying to carry on the legacy of the 'Love Pavilion' (RIP). I've let him join on a condition that Britney Spears mentions are kept to an absolute minimum and he provides some sort of debate...and Richard Parker.

But anyway, welcome to the blog, Leo...if this invitation works. :)

'I appear to have joined Hannah the team over at Whatever's Left. It really is very good - you should check it out. Well, obviously it's not that good yet because my invitation hasn't arrived from Blogger and I haven't posted anything.* But I see potential.

*Note to Hannah, because she sometimes takes me seriously, which you should never do: I am joking. It is wonderful already and no doubt it will go rapidly downhill the moment I post anything. But I'll do my best.'

You just have to love him, don't you? :P