Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The X List 2004

View it in full here

The X List is voted for each year by Xfm listeners and website visitors. And, when you view the list, you'll see why I am SO pleased with the results.

Radiohead are Number 1, with Paranoid Android!!!
For those not in the know...it's like their Bohemian Rhapsody. It's AMAZING.

Songs also in the chart that I LOVE include:
Motorcycle Emptiness (2), Song 2 (4), Street Spirit (8), A Design For Life (15), Fake Plastic Trees (17), Hysteria (18), Creep (21), Run (29), Just (32), IYTTTYCWBN (34), Just The Way I'm Feeling (41), Golden Touch (49), Yellow (53), Seven Nation Army (57), Are You Gonna Be My Girl (60), Bittersweet Symphony (63), Good Riddance (64), Losing My Religion (85), Whatever (90), Dreaming of You (94), Reptilia (100)

So, are there ANY that you like, Leo?