Sunday, September 05, 2004

10 Reasons Why We Love...

Robbie Williams - Radio

1) It's Robbie Williams, duh!
2) The jerky choreography in the video...especially when he sings 'radio...'
3) He sounds different...and has really gone experimental and developed his sound. Like some of the things on Escapology, but better.
4) It's Crystal's 'Best Song of the moment Ever!
5) Gothic-looking cheerleaders!
6) Robbie's serpentine 'tail' and demonesque facial morphs...
7) It's a grower. Growers are far better than songs you love instantly, because you don't get fed up of them so quickly.
8) Such lyrical genius as: 'He makes all my engines go oh oh oh' and 'ouch'
9) The closeted Robbie fan loves it, and isn't too shy to admit it, either. This means it has got to be good.
10) There's NOTHING like it out at the minute. So listen. Here. At his official site. Because he's nice like that.

PS. What the hell does 'effervescent' mean?