Thursday, September 02, 2004

Cheapest Looking Video Award

I was surprised to hear that there had been a lot of suggestions for nominations for this award. Shows what the music video industry is coming to, isn't it? A tiger just can't watch anything that's had a bit of time and thought put into it (unless it's by Robbie Williams, or that excellent 'backwards' video by Coldplay) Where are all the tigers in music videos these days? Anyway, without further ado, here are the nominations for this award:

Pop! - Heaven and Earth
How far can you stretch the use of the green-screen-with-a-dance-in-front concept? Not very far, it seems. Unfortunately, nobody has informed Pop! of this, and they're still churning out vids like this. Even their predecessors, Steps, had more original ideas than this...
'Ah, but Richard Parker - it's not originality that counts. Heartbeat surely would have won this award due to the cheap stuck on ski scenes!' - Hannah

Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme
Deary me, the Shapeshifters have fallen on hard times of late, resorting to child labour and singing from inside the waltzer.
Bad - Leo

Jen Ellison - Bye Bye Boy
Oh dear. White background, rock chicks, and resorting to utilising Jen's ballet what's meant to be a 'rock' song?
Worse - Leo

3 of a Kind - Babycakes
After winning one award, it seems that 3 of a Kind are back for more, and this time it's for looking cheap. No questions there, then...
Horrific. I was nearly blinded - Leo

Maroon 5 - This Love
Nominated by our good friend, and faithful viewer, Jamie, This Love looks cheap because of the unnecessary pink petals that seem to waft across the screen...
Fine, apart from those silly flowers. Although I suppose playing their guitars in front of an orange screen didn't exactly break the bank... - Leo

This decision has been very difficult for me. Three of those videos are shockingly bad and cheap-looking. I do like those nice boys from Maroon 5 and I like flowers too, even fake ones, so I'll let them get away with it.

Shapeshifters... hmm. Well, they went to the trouble of getting permission to film at a funfair. I'll let them off too, for going on location.

I do rather like the bit when Jennifer Ellison rips her top off so 'Bye Bye Boy' is also excused, even if the video is bloody awful.

It's a tough choice between Pop! and 3 of a Kind, but since I've already picked on them once, I'm going to be kind to 3 of a Kind, and say:

The winner is...
Pop! - Heaven and Earth
Cheapest Looking Video