Friday, September 10, 2004

Does anybody remember...

Incredible Games

(two kids, in the lift, on level 64 - woohoo!)

This show, taking place on Sunday's on BBC2 was one of those cult kids' tv shows I always watched. Airing in the mid-nineties, when I was barely into primary school, 'Incredible Games' dominated my weekend. It was that show with the black knight moving around on something that resembled a giant chessboard, a ghostly victorian schoolmaster with lots of gunge and swimming in 'alphabet soup', removing the letters and making words with them. If I remember rightly, there was also a challenge that involved passing liquid-filled globes using rubber gloves, along the side of a wall...from the other side of it. Then again, that might have been one of the many TV shows in that format, like the Crystal Maze, that I adored even more.

I wanted to BE on that show. I wanted to save my fallen teammate from the laundry in the basement, before searching the penthouse to claim my prizes from that oh-so-cool talking head. Amd so did Michael Bush, so I am NOT the only one. So, I decided to research the show (including its elusive and rather forgettable name) because it was one of those things that was bugging me, and thus, I found out some VERY cool facts.

- David Walliams was the 'head' in the lift. His face was all pink and he had fake blonde' hair'. Being a David Walliams fan I am VERY impressed with myself here.
- A young Marco Sabba (of seal-clapping BB5 fame) was a contestant. How bizarre...I wonder what he looked and acted like back then?
You know, I may just write to Challenge to ask for re-runs...