Friday, September 17, 2004

Hannah's Chronicles of the Slightly Obscure (part one)

My house is pretty much a diverse library of cds and records. We have the likes of Eminem, Outkast, Nickelback and Sum 41, Radiohead, Robbie Williams and Coldplay, the music of Cliff Richard, Chris DeBurgh and Darius and basically everything from Iron Maiden, to Starsailor to Now 52. It's a bit crazy, you have to agree.

So, it made a fair bit of sense for me to have a hunt around, especially on the dusty shelves and find a few things that might be considered older, or slightly obscure and then show them to you lot. So...what have I found? I thought it might be rather nice to start with this:

Blackmoore's Night
Be Mine Tonight

Taken from their first album, Shadow of the Moon (1997), 'Be Mine Tonight' is a gentle waltz reflecting the style of the whole debut album from Ritchie Blackmoore and Candice Night. For those not in the know, Ritchie Blackmoore is better known as the lead guitarist of Deep Purple and Rainbow, but this side-project is a far cry from most of the music there. It has a very 'medieval' feel to it, with acoustic guitars, tambourines, mandolins and lots of strings. I chose this song in particular because it has some really lovely harmonies. See what you make of it. Download it here and please tell me what you think.


The tracks we post here are for evaluation purposes only and are available for a limited amount of downloads/days. We recommend deleting them from your computer, properly, and then buying them. If any track on here belongs to you - eg. you are the artist/label and want the track removed I shall do so immediately. We aim to promote music so it WILL be bought, especially this obscure music that you probably aren't going to hear a lot of on the mainstream radio...