Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Jamie's single of the week - By Jamie, this week!

What will you NOT buy?

Jessica Simpson - "Take my Breath Away"
Now, don't get me wrong. I love Berlin's original version of this song. It's one of those 80s' classics that will live on for a good time yet. However, in the same way that I couldn't try and copy the Mona Lisa and come up with a good piece of artwork, Jessica sadly (well, not really sadly, I don't care...) can't quite measure up to the original. Why? Because she can't sing. Actually, she might be able to, but I don't know, because she feels the need to shout. Everything. However, no matter how bad this cover version is (and it is pretty awful), it is in no way worse than the murder that is Angels.
It is for these reasons I formally award this single...


What will I permit you to buy?

Ashlee Simpson - "Pieces of Me"
But only because it's not a very good week, and because she's a lot better than her sister.

What must you buy?

Well, I'll be honest with you. It's not really the best week for singles this week. I mean the selection ranges from the Cheeky Girls to Ronan Keating. So what can I choose? Well, sorry but it has to be...

REM - "Leaving New York"
Yes, I know Hannah's just chosen this song, but it really is the best song out this week. And you know that Leo will choose something different.
It's typically REM, and it carries on the 'You-know-it's-REM-from-one-listen' vibe that they have had going on for some time (rather like Dido). Remarkably catchy for a ballad, you can bet whatever money you have in that pocket of yours that I'm going to be singing it all night long. Which may or may not be a good thing (have you heard my singing?).



Looking ahead, next week doesn't look all that hot either. But the week after that... I've chosen my SOTW already!