Thursday, September 16, 2004

JAMIE's Single of the Week...

Hello there!
As the newest recruit of this beautiful blog, I have decided (or rather, it has been decided for me) to have a real baptism of fire and to present to you all my Single of the Week. So, to start with:

Hilary Duff - 'Fly'

Now I'll be honest with you. I haven't heard this song at all. However, I do tend to bear grudges, and unfortunately, Miss Duff isn't blessed in the vocal department. Also, she's a bit of a pants 'actress' as well. So, I feel I must insist that this song is not bought or played by any of you, as she may cause your ears to bleed or something. See, I'm always thinking of you...

0.5/5 (She wins 0.5 of a point for being my very first reviewee!)

Worth a Look:
Dido - 'Sand in my Shoes'

I really don't see why everybody's so anti-Dido recently. Now, I wouldn't put her in my list of favourite artists or anything, but she's not that bad surely?? Anyway, I quite like this song, because it's not as bland as some of the stuff that she tends to produce, and I do like the verses, even if the chorus is a little on the predictable side. It is, undeniably, better than some of the releases this week...


The Also-Rans:
Girls Aloud - 'Love Machine'

This certainly deserves a mention for being the only song I've ever heard featuring the word 'negligée'. Go it!

Fatboy Slim - 'Slash Dot Dash'

This is a fun song, I have to admit, even though dance music often makes me want to cry. Also, marker pens never looked so appealing!!

Cream of the Crop:
Joss Stone - 'You Had Me'

Now, Jocelyn isn't really my cup of tea, but this song, I like. It's upbeat and uplifting, despite the subject matter, and for a seventeen year-old from Devon, she has a pair of lungs on her. Many a review has said that Joss' voice rightfully belongs to an American, 50 year old black soul singer, and it is something I have to echo. As annoying as it is when there are talented people of the same age as you, I have to hand it to her. This song is also something that I doubt anyone will find offensive, and it's enough to make me cite a R&B track as my record of the week. Enjoy this moment people, as you may never see it again!


Sorry, it's not the longest review in the world, but yes, I'm a busy, busy guy. Well, not really, I'm just a bit lazy and don't like writing lots...