Sunday, September 05, 2004

Most Confusing Video Award

I find a lot of things in pop music confusing. What do people see in Justin Timbersnake? How the hell did the Fast Food Rockers get to Number One? Why doesn't George Michael call it a day? But most confusing of all are some of the music videos out there...

Scissor Sisters - Laura
There's a hairdressing salon. There are live chickens at the dinner table. There are people with white face paint hanging around graveyards. There is no obvious connection between these different things.
I don't even understand the song, never mind the video. But then, Bengal tigers may not be the target audience.

Robbie Williams - Sexed Up
I had a quick nap while Hannah showed me the tape of this video, but she informs me:
Robbie is in a corridor, there is a girl dressed like a whore, with running eye make-up. She is joined in torn up paper by an alligator, then right at the end she is wearing a rabbit mask, and a wolf is running up the corridor towards her. Confused? I am.

That does indeed sound confusing. A rabbit mask? People pretending to be animals? Absurd!

Kylie - Chocolate
Kylie looks like a frumpy housewife at a ballroom dancing class during most of this video, and when she doesn't, she has people dancing on her hat. Frumpy Kylie? Hat-dancing? Well, I'm confused.
There have been comparisons made between this video and some of Kate Bush's, and perhaps if it were a Kate Bush video, it would be acceptable and I'd let it pass. But it's not, it's a Kylie video, and it's just a load of old nonsense.

And the winner is...
Robbie Williams - Sexed Up
Most Confusing Video

I do like that little Kylie (you should see my take on the Locomotion), so the 'Chocolate' video is spared, and I once knew a friendly leopard called Laura, so the Scissor Sisters also get away with their confusing video. So congratulations - perhaps that's not the right word - go to Mr Robbie Williams for his bonkers video for 'Sexed Up'.