Saturday, September 11, 2004

Reindeer Section

Considering my good friend, and Gary Lightbody obsessive, Emma, has downloaded, bought or streamed a fair few tracks on my recommendation, I thought I should return the favour and make the effort to listen to something she loves. Obviously, it does involve Gary Lightbody, and it is Scottish supergroup Reindeer Section.

There seems to be some really bonza stuff coming from Scotland right now, and not just from Snow Patrol. Mercury Prize-winning and eyeliner-wearing art-rockers, Franz Ferdinand have been dominating the indie charts and the rather charming Callum Sinclair has also been invading my mp3 player of late.

Reindeer Section itself is formed from bits and pieces of such Scottish acts as Mull Historical Society, Belle and Sebastian, Mogwai and Lightbody himself. The theory goes that if you love any of the above, especially Snow Patrol, this should be ideal.

Learn more, and stream some tracks here...