Thursday, September 02, 2004

Single of the Week According to Leo

I'm supposed to comment on the other singles before I reveal my Single of the Week, but I've only heard a couple and they're rubbish.

And the Single of the Week is...
'Pop!ular '- Darren Hayes

Remember kids, you should always do what pop songs tell you to do. In this case, that means you should sleep your way to the top. Otherwise you will be unpopular.

This song grows on you, but I don't think it's Mr Hayes at his best.

Top 3 Darren Hayes Singles
1. 1980 Me - Just can't get enough of that stuff
2. Strange Relationship - Something so right but it feels so terrible wrong
3. Popular - play my video, hear me on the radio

Well, not at his very best anyway.

I'm looking forward to Daz's new album, The Tension and the Spark, released 13th September in the UK, which has had some very positive reviews. I didn't buyhis last one, because I was scared off by the title track 'Insatiable', which was a bit crap and because I'd already downloaded '1980 Me' and 'Strange Relationship' .

In conclusion: buy this single, and sleep around.

Honourable Mention(s)
'Whatever Happened to Corey Haim?' - The Thrills
It's Hannah's Single of the Week and yet it's not all that bad.

Avoid at all costs:
'Kanye West' - Jesus Walks
Although I admire the performers for getting strippers, murderers, drugs, guns, sex and Jesus all in one song.

My next two (at least) Single of the Week articles are going to be just as lifeless, judging by the New Releases list. I could tell you now what my next two Singles of the Week are going to be, in fact. But I won't. I hope the suspense doesn't kill you...