Sunday, September 26, 2004

Some people who need to be put into a mental institution:

The deaf:
"Jessica Simpson is such an absouobtely talented individual. I think she sings it alot better than that of Robbie Williams. She has such a rare ability to hit those high notes. The only other people I'm aware of who can hit those notes are Anastacia and X-Tina. Jess is going to be huge for many years to come."
The even more deaf:
"This single is the best so far. All you people putting down the best, talented, gifted singer of all time can re-think what you have said!! Jessica has remade this song beautifully, as well as 'Take My Breath Away'. Robbie Williams doesnt compare to this one bit. If you sit down, listen to 'Angels' you will not disagree with me. Well done Jessica. You are the best Newlywed. Luv Ya"
The nasty AND deaf:
"It's good. I hate Robbie Williams because hes a little freak. So all you guys that love him...well who cares? Jessica did well on this song."
The downright stupid:
"personally, i have never heard the robbie williams verson of this song but even if i ever hear it, no matter how good it is, jessica simpson's version will be dozens - hundreds-thousands-maybe even millions of times better than robbie's. in fact, im sure it is the best. better than any other version of this song. and people who make rude comments about jessica simpson and her songs-your are intitled to your opinion-but just remember- she's the one with the major record deal and the song DID get in the top ten list- thankz luv ya lotz- a true jess fan "
Nice, but stupid:
"Love it, love it, love it. She can really hit those high notes. I like Robbie's version as well as Jessica's. This song is the only reason I bought the album."
Sarcasm? Apparently not:
"I absolutly love this song. When I first heard it I had no idea that it was Jessica Simpson. After realisizing it was her, I rushed out and purchased the album. Specifically for this song. It really shows she is a talented singer and not just a studio masterpeice. "
Does text speak ever get you anywhere?:
And lastly:
"If you cannot sing this song, shut your face!"
Yes, dear, but Jessica can't sing it either!