Thursday, September 23, 2004

UK Official Download Chart (23/09/04)

This twisted little chart of the mp3-music world gets stranger and stranger by the week. We're into our 4th week of this new 'top 20' and 40% of the songs in the chart this week were there when it began. Does this EVER happen in the real, cd-format, top 20? Hardly. We're not complaining though, because it shows just how popular some artists are, and where their real fans lie - in the heart of every computer music geek in the UK.

There's also more new entries this week than last, all songs that have already featured in the singles top 40, with the exception of 'Slash Dot Dash'. There's a little selection, from Jojo to Brian McFadden, who is this week's highest new entry at number 4.

Still, nobody can quite shake off Miss Natasha Bedingfield from the top spot - not even Green Day, who have moved from 4 to 2.

Check out the full chart here.