Saturday, September 11, 2004

War Child Music Exclusives

I'm going to pause for a moment, and write in all seriousness.

On WarChildMusic, currently, there is a Radiohead live remix of their fairly recent single 'Go To Sleep' AND Keane covering 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore'. I would love both songs to make the download top 20 next week, not just so that I can take pride in the fact that the songs are being promoted further, but that for every download, 70% of the money isn't going to some record company big-wig...

In fact, this money goes to a most deserving charity, War Child, if you STILL need motivation aside from the obvious fact that it is great music. It's also for a good cause.

And on September 11th, it's an ideal time to give something back to the people who shouldn't have, but did, suffer, from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and many other countries across the world.

Please browse the website to find out more. Thank you.