Saturday, October 30, 2004

How rubbish is Daniel Bedingfield? (A Non-Single of the Week from Jamie)

Daniel Bedingfield - possibly the most boring man on the planet...It is perhaps somewhat fitting that Daniel Bedingfield may realistically find himself at the top of the charts on Hallowe'en with his new 'song' "Nothing Hurts Like Love", as he is, just a little bit scary. And also undeniably dull.

The charts as of late have had an influx from the other Bedingfield, Natasha, and even though she's not my cup of Earl Grey, she does appear to be able to hold a tune to some degree, and is at least fairly lively about it.

Not so for our Daniel. I know lots of us hoped wildly that carreering off whatever stupid vehicle he was stupidly driving at a stupid speed might have scuppered his frequent forays into the world of music, but unfortunately, he's come back.

"Gotta Get Thru This" was alright. Nothing special. It was upbeat enough, and he could blame the fact he'd lifted the vocal by an octave for the squeakiness... but what's he blaming now?

Every single since then, except for the dire "Friday" has been lifeless. Rubbish and turgid... even boring. Songs that drag on for hours and hours and hours...

And "Nothing Hurts Like Love" is one of them. When I hear it, time stands still and it won't finish quickly enough. It can put a real dampner on an otherwise good day, so god knows what it would be like if you're having a rubbish day.

In the video, and also at the moment, Daniel's hair makes him look fat. Like a 50 stone heifer kind of fat. He also goes around kissing a lot of girls. Dream on Daniel. With that song you'll scare them away.

When in interview, Daniel would appear to be the craziest person on the planet. Then he goes and sings a load of drivel to a rubbish tune slowly and badly... if he used a little of his energy to produce a more fitting song, then he wouldn't be so boring and so terminally disappointing, I feel.

Maybe we should all teach him a lesson. Until he produces something that isn't suicide-worthy, let's not buy his songs. Please... for the good of the country's music...


Friday, October 29, 2004

Pop and Politics

Why do I feel so violated by the fact that Busted want the leader of the Tories in their next music video? Thom Yorke and Chris Martin get political ALL the time.

Then again, I suppose Radiohead don't go around singing pop-punk (godawful genre) songs about air hostesses, triple breasted women and the thunderbirds.

No wonder the kids don't want to vote.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Blog Explosion

As of late, we've been using the rather bonza Blog Explosion. While we surf and find some rather interesting blogs (we've learnt more about American politics and knitting in the last few days than we have in a lifetime!) other blog owners are directed to ours. Anyway, if YOU are visiting from Blog Explosion, please post a comment to say hello, leave your address, and we'll pay your blog a visit.

The downside of blog explosion is the fact that many hits are pointless. Many blog owners in other countries aren't always interested in what we have to say, with the exception of a few devout fans. We are focused on the british music scene, and the site is targeted at british people, but we also want to get more people who aren't on our little island into the music WE like. Therefore, expect more links to official sites, videos, music and photographs in the coming weeks. We want to encourage people to find out more about these strange bands we keep rambling on about...

Please comment. It lets us know what you like/don't like and especially what you would like to see more of.

Thank you.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

UK Download Top 20 (27/10/04)

New Entries:
New this week is 'Wishing On A Star' by Paul Weller, which scrapes in at 18. Top 5 single 'Millionaire' by Kelis Andre 3000 is also new at 11.

Big Climbers:
'Flashdance' by Deep Dish climbs a massive 8 places to reach the dizzy heights of number 5, while WL favourite 'Mary' by the Scissor Sisters moves up 10 places to 10! Girls Aloud with 'Love Machine' also climbs 4 places to 13.

Longest Runners (9 weeks):
'American Idiot' by Green Day and 'She Will Be Loved' by Maroon 5 both make a massive 9 weeks on the chart!

Number One:
Mouldy Looking Stain at One Big Weekend - we like Aled best.And yes, with the excessive plugging it has received on EVERY Chris Moyles show this and last week, Mouldy Looking Stain have clinched the top spot from U2, rather undeservedly, this blogger thinks. 'Dogs Don't Kill People (Wabbits Do)' is a not-very-funny parody of the similarly titled song by Goldie Lookin' Chain, instead starring Chris, Comedy Dave and the rest of the breakfast crew. Dressed up. Sure, the majority of the money is going to Comic Relief, but it's gone beyond a joke. We preferred the one entitled 'Peter Andre'.

Edit: After several searches related to the Stain, we have decided to helpfully add a link to somewhere you can download the track. We'd also like to say we do listen to the Chris Moyles show, and enjoy it, and that we're just not fans of this song. We also think Aled is great.

The Official UK Download Chart is based on the most popular, legally downloaded tracks in the UK. It's compiled from the sale of permanently owned single track downloads and doesn't include streamed downloads, subscriptions or free downloads. The Download Chart is broadcast every Wednesday at 6 pm on Radio 1.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hannah's Single of the Week (25/10/04)

There's a shedload of new releases this week, BIG new releases that will hopefully end the boredom of the eternal reign of Eric Prydz. So, who's heading for next week's chart?

Runners Up:
Graham Coxon - 'Freakin Out'/'All Over Me'
We're not sure about 'All Over Me', but isn't this a re-release of 'Freakin Out'? There's still rumours that Graham may be coming back to Blur, but meanwhile he's free to produce songs that sound a little bit like what Blur used to be, which is no bad thing. You can't say an awful lot for his singing ability on 'Freakin Out', but who cares? The guitar is good, and so is the song. It's speedy, infused with electricity, and it just exceeds the perfect 3:30. Impressive. And if you're not impressed yet, it's a grower. 3.8/5

The Libertines - 'What Became of the Likely Lads?'
I did a peculiar thing last week, and finally got round to buying 'Can't Stand Me Now', which I really enjoyed. What I really like about the Libertines are their disjointed, dueling lead vocals, and the way the track appears to be all over the place, yet is incredibly catchy. What seems to be incredibly average begins to grow on you, especially as you notice more and more within each song. This single assures me that this week is being one for good, but not necessarily power-selling releases. 3.9/5

Single of the Week
Snow Patrol - 'How To Be Dead'
Accompanied by a rather 'on the cheap' video of what the band have been up to on tour, 'How To Be Dead' is Snow Patrol's fifth release (counting the re-release of 'Spitting Games') from their breakthrough album, 'Final Straw'. If you haven't yet bought Final Straw, we insist that it is a far better idea than just sticking with the single. It isn't just studded with gems, it is positively jewel-encrusted. And yes, we did take our name from it, so it's only fair that we should give Snow Patrol a bit more credit for producing such a great record. 'How to be Dead' is the opening track from Final Straw and is largely rambling, with no apparent structure, perfectly complimenting story behind the lyrics. It jingles it's way through three minutes with a combination of guitar and glockenspiel, accompanied by Gary Lightbody's tender, honest vocals. The instrumental in the centre isn't exceptional, but it certainly gives the track more of a sense of being, rather than just incoherent words. It hasn't changed from the album version - it still has that abrupt stop at the end, but it's that sense of the unexpected that captures your imagination and leaves you a little breathless. To be honest, I can't wait for the followup. 4/5

Avoid at all Costs:

The Noise Next Door - 'Ministry of Mayhem'/'Lock Up Your Daughter'
Oh dear. Another Busted-style collective who's gimmick is that they're triplets. Fair enough, but they look, according to my friend Sarah, 'like skunks that fell into some hair dye'. The fact remains is that the song is awful, and once again aimed at the 'wannabe-punks-that-aren't' of my generation. They also did the theme tune for a kids' tv show - what does that tell you? 0.3/5

Daniel Bedingfield - 'Nothing Hurts Like Love'
Apparently having things drilled into your skull doesn't come close...oh well! It isn't his worst song, but the video seems like a blatent crossover/rip-off between 'Just' by Radiohead and 'Year of the Rat' by Badly Drawn Boy. With kissing. The melody, on the whole, is boring, and it looks like Bedders is just showing off. No thanks. 1.2/5

Well...isn't that amusing...

By sheer dumb luck, or possibly default, , Whatever's Left has made it onto the DMA Best Music Website top 500. And no, witty people, we aren't 500th, we are 485th.
This could still mean we only had one vote in the entire thing, but still, it's given me sufficient amusement for the day.
See this piece of WL history here.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Mortal Wombat 3

The rather crazy boys from Llama Films are back with their third 'episode' of the Mortal Wombat series. With Chris helping with production, and with Matthew and my good friend Michael acting, it's absolute geek-comedy genius. With more crazy sound effects and imagery than ever, they've really gone beyond anything I would have expected...

Correction. From Matthew you can't expect anything, since he isn't actually human.

Anyway, download it here and visit their website (soon to move) here.

UK Top 75 (24/10/04)

The lowest new entry in this week's chart comes from DJ Fresh ft Adam F at 68. Shaznay Lewis is next with 'You' only reaching a disappointing 56. The two mediocre tracks by Futureheads and The Hives are at 49 and 44 respectively.

In the lower regions of the top 40 are a series of alternative tracks. The Cure are new at 39 with 'Taking Off', narrowly beaten by Rammstein with 'Amerika' at 38. Slipknot have another hit at 31 with 'Vermilion'.

Bjork is back in the charts once again with 'Who is It' which is new at 26 while The Dualers narrowly miss out on the top 20 with their single 'Kiss On The Lips' at 21.

Travis - no longer the biggest band in the UKTravis are at 20 with their disappointing single 'Walking In The Sun'. 'Drop The Pressure' by Mylo is new at 19 and Placebo have another hit with 'Twenty Years' at 18. Their singles collection is released tomorrow. Doesn't it seem we're being bombarded by greatest hits efforts at the moment?

My single of the week by The Zutons enters the chart at 15, which isn't too bad, well, if you forget the fact singles sales are currently drastically low. Lil' Flip places one above, at 14, with 'Sunshine'.

Darius manages another top 10 hit at 8 with 'Kinda Love'. Depeche Mode are at 7 with 'Enjoy The Silence 04' and R Kelly returns to the chart with 'Happy People/U Saved Me', new at 6. 'Millionaire' by Kelis and Andre 3000 charts at 3.

Manic Street Preachers - kings of the marketing ployThis week's highest new entry is the rather dreary 'The Love of Richard Nixon' by the Manic Street Preachers. It's nice to see the Manics back in the top 5, even if it is with a seriously bad song. Perhaps it was their clever marketing ploy of 'all 3 formats for a fiver'? Oh, well, some people seem to like it. It's brand new at 2.

So, there you have it. Eric Prydz is number one yet again. Are we the only ones getting seriously bored? This is his fifth week at the top in total, but due to the recent sales slump, his single has sold just shy of a quarter of a million copies, making it only this year's 10th bestseller. Who's number one? Oh...that 'swearing bloke'...we can't remember his name...since he's SO forgettable...

Sunday, October 24, 2004

More Simpson-Bashing

What's possibly the most funny thing to hit the internet...ever? Ashlee/Ashley Simpson on Saturday Night Live, of course!

Obviously we don't loathe Ashlee Simpson quite as much as her sister, Jessica, but she's certainly heading that way, especially when she's such a total hypocrite to claim she's real...then proceeds to mime on live TV. And blames her band for playing the 'wrong song'. On the positive side, and future roles as elves/pixies/oompa-loompas are secured by her 'dancing'.
"I’m going out to let my real talent show, not to just stand there and dance around. Personally, I’d never lip-synch. It’s just not me." - Ashlee Simpson

Friday, October 22, 2004

Half a term of pop

Hello, readers. It's been ages since I last posted, because I'm rubbish, but I feel I have to this week because, well, because I said Hannah could kill me if I didn't. I've tried very hard to write a Single of the Week post but I can't. None of this week's releases are brilliant, and there aren't even any that are so bad I want to rant about them. They're all just very mediocre.

Speaking of 'mediocre' - let's get on with my post. The half-term holiday has arrived, so I thought we'd take a look at some popsters' half-term report cards from the School of Pop...

[ Hint: Hannah and Jamie, I know some poppy-pop events pass you by, so you might want to move your mouse over the Yeah, like thats if you don't understand something. It's sort of Lame Pop References for Dummies ;) ]

Reproduced by kind permission of Mrs Bridget Chorus-Verse, Headmistress:


Natasha has made considerable improvement this half-term. She has shown herself to be a very keen Literature student this half term, informing me that in her spare time she 'read some Byron, Shelley and Keats', which is highly commendable.
I do believe, though, that Natasha may be putting too much pressure on herself. 'Trying to write a classic' is a little overambitious for a first year student. However, Natasha must not be discouraged by a waste-bin full of paper. THIS IS ALL TO DO WITH -THESE WORDS-. OK, so it was released before this term. Leave me alone.


I had planned to congratulate Britney on her broad vocabulary and good spelling capabilities, 'prerogative' being a word many students stumble over. However, I have recently discovered that Britney has been copying her work this half-term from little Bobby Brown.THIS IS ALL TO DO WITH BRITNEY'S COVER OF BOBBY BROWN'S -MY PREROGATIVE-
Furthermore, recently, Britney's attitude to work has been dreadful. Why, only last week she refused to complete any new work. This is clearly unacceptable behaviour and I feel that if she spent less time chasing after the boys (she and that Federline lad are always canoodling at the back of the classroom), her work - and reputation in the School - would improve.CLICK HERE


Brian used to be such a well-behaved boy. He would sit on his stool with his polite, if rather simpering, chums, Nicky, Shane, Mark and Kian. Sadly, I have observed a change in him; he has abandoned his angelic friends He left Westlife and been rather mean to little Kerry in Class 4. Although I gave his most recent piece of work a 'Satisfactory' (indeed, he was top of the class that week), I felt it was somewhat sloppy.His rubbish solo debut -Real to Me- went to Number One
Another cause for concern is that lately Brian (Bryan?) has appeared unsure of the correct way to write his name.CLICK HERE. Paragraph 3 Obviously, this sort of problem should not be arising at this late stage in his schooldays.

BIG BROVAZ - J-Rock, Randy, Nadia, Cherise and Dion

Since Flawless was expelled for smoking behind the bike-sheds, his comrades' performance at School has been disappointing. Their marks have reached an all-time low and so I will not be inviting them to return to the School of Pop after the half-term break.CLICK HERE


Her classmate Britney Spears seems to have had a bad influence on Rachel as she too has been caught copying. Rachel should realise that I am not stupid, and she cannot fool me with copied work. I always whack a few lines into Google to check for plagiarism.
Must try harder.Reference to -More More More- cover

News Roundup (22/10/04)

Band Aid III - Albarn AND Gallagher?
The Darkness, Fran Healy, Chris Martin, Noel Gallagher and Katie Melua are apparently confirmed for the charity track. Damon Albarn is also reported to be interested...but only as one of Gorillaz. So much for kiss-and-make-up between the two britpop rivals...

Madonna on Arthur?
Oh how excited we got. Unfortunately, it's not the well-loved BBC children's cartoon, and instead it's a film. You can dream, eh?

Competitions - the new way to combat music piracy?
Apparently Eminem thinks so. Or his people do. By buying his new album, 'Encore', you could win one of 400 Eminem related prizes. We're trying not to be too enthusiastic.

On the subject of music piracy:
Have you got strong views on music piracy and mp3 filesharing, for or against? Would you like to share your views by doing an interview? It will be fairly short, and done by email sometime in the near future. Please email us at the usual address if you're interested. We're looking for people who oppose illegal downloading of mp3s, people who regularly share files on such sites as Kazaa and Soulseek, and mp3 blog owners.

UK Download Top 20 (20/10/04)

Sorry we're a bit late this week, but oddly enough the BBC site wasn't showing us the new chart yesterday afternoon. Here, even if it's a little belatedly, is the Official UK Top 20 Downloads:

New Entries:
The awesome 'Mary' by the Scissor Sisters just scrapes in at 20, which is rather pleasing, especially after the recent departure of 'Laura'. Lucie Silvas is new at 16 with 'What You're Made Of' - if you want to hear something else by Lucie, head over to Into the Groove. It's on our links bar.
Stereogram make a top 10 appearance at 8 with 'Walkie Talkie Man'. We LOVE this song. However, we're not so keen on Christina Aguilera's cover of 'Car Wash' which places at 4. 'The Damage' by Marillion is this week's highest new entry at 2.

U2 - kings of downloading for three weeks runningRe-entries:
Duran Duran re-enter the chart again this week with '(Reach Up For The) Sunrise' at 14.
Longest Runners (8 weeks):
Running for the entire duration of the top 20 so far are Green Day with 'American Idiot' (2) and 'She Will be Loved' by Maroon 5 (6).

Number One:
Yes, it's still U2 with 'Vertigo' which, unsuprisingly, is very good. This is its 3rd week at the top spot.

The Official UK Download Chart is based on the most popular, legally downloaded tracks in the UK. It's compiled from the sale of permanently owned single track downloads and doesn't include streamed downloads, subscriptions or free downloads. The Download Chart is broadcast every Wednesday at 6 pm on Radio 1.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Hannah's Single of the Week

Runners Up:

Manic Street Preachers - 'The Love of Richard Nixon'
No guitars? Not even a decent melody? What are the Manics thinking? It certainly gets into your head though, I'll give them that. However, in comparison to their 'Everything Must Go' era, it's nothing spectacular. 2.5/5

Travis - 'Walking in the Sun'
It's nothing impressive or out of the ordinary, unless you like Travis, regardless of what they do. Ooh, me then. The video's worth a watch though - Fran Healy versus the grim reaper. Guess who wins? 3/5

Single of the Week:
The Zombified ZutonsThe Zutons - 'Don't Ever Think'

Curse this song! I have had its catchy hum inside my head for the best part of 4 days now, and it isn't showing any sign of shifting. This new single from the Zutons ISN'T on their album, entitled 'Who Killed The Zutons' but instead is a bit of a one off. And we all know one offs (Like 'It's Only Us') are nothing short of brilliance. These hyperactive Liverpudlians follow the Dogs Die In Hot Cars template of 'guys and one girl' and produce similar quirky (but admittedly not quite as quirky) tunes. 'Don't Ever Think' is an amazing speedy singalong, full of vocal harmony, saxophone, hand-claps and a general jive influence. It's less than 3 minutes of perfect musical craziness. See a little selection of their videos at Launch. 3.7/5

Avoid at ALL costs:
Really, there isn't an awful lot else to get excited about this week:

Darius - 'Kinda Love'
Apparently Mr Steve says he's actually an alright kinda (oh dear, cheesy song reference) guy. This doesn't stop the song from being...crap really. It sounds like his others, it still has him with a smug grin on the video - so why couldn't they have just left it at colourblind? 1.5/5

The Hives - 'Two Timing Touch and Broken Bones'
It's not anywhere near as good as 'Walk Idiot Walk' and we were really looking forward to something that bettered that... 1/5

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Jamie's Single of the Week...

Wow, three blog posts from me in the same week? Amazing!

Anyway, on to the SOTW.

La Chanson de la Semaine:

The Manic Street Preachers - "The Love of Richard Nixon"The Manic Street Preachers

I love the Manic Street Preachers. 'If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next' and 'Design for Life' are two songs that will stay in my memory for quite some time, as will the reference to my (nearly) home town in 'Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier' from the album 'Everything Must Go', so I was quite looking forward to a new release from the band.

"The Love of Richard Nixon" doesn't really disappoint. It's catchy, and it's one of the few politically themed songs I've liked (however don't try and ask me what it's all about - Watergate etc goes right over my head...).

It's a good song, although I feel I must criticise it slightly. It's not really one of the Manic's best. It has no greatly memorable chorus like the brilliant 'IYTTYCWBN', and so I can't genuinely see it doing as well as this 1998 number one. However, a good song it is, and it is definately worth a listen.



N'achetez pas:

Kelis feat. Andre 3000 - "Millionaire" Kelis. Look at her go.

Now first things first. I don't like Kelis. And I don't like Outkast. Ergo, this song was never going to rock my world. However, I decided to give it a listen anyway, because it would be unfair to judge...

It's bizarre that they chose to put the artists in this order, as Andre 3000 quite clearly performs the majority of this song. Kelis is quite blatently a lazy girl. Which is an adjective I'd like to use to describe this song. It really does sound like Kelis decided that she'd just let someone else do all the work for her, a bit like the dire "Milkshake".

Given the popularity of these two performers, it is clearly going to be a popular single. However, please think, there are much better things to spend your money on... like cheese, for example.


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I need help!

Well, we knew that anyway!

No, what I mean is, I need your help. Lyrically. Let me explain...

Cast your minds back to 1996. The Beautiful Don't Marry Her - The Beautiful South. Please help me!!South's album 'Blue Is The Colour' had already produced the fairly massive 'Rotterdam'. However, later in the year, the far superior 'Don't Marry Her' was also unleashed upon us.

Most people, when thinking of this song, think of the respectable radio edit, and it's slightly altered lyrics, changing 'Don't marry her, f**k me!' to 'Don't marry her, have me!'

However, there was another alteration. The second half of the first verse of the original version goes as follows:

'Your love light shines like cardboard,
But your work shoes are glistening,
She's a PhD in 'I told you so',
You've a knighthood in 'I'm not listening'!
She'll grab your sweaty b*ll*cks,
And slowly raise her knee...
Don't marry her, f**k me!'

What did they change this to? It's been driving me mad... I had a brief look on tinty for it, but due to my laziness, gave up when all it would tell me was the change in the famous line. The lyrics sites I've tried won't tell me either. So if anyone out there reading this knows, please, please comment and tell me! Thankyou!

Don't listen to the the TV!

Today the rather bonza series one dvd arrived in the post, but we are also extremely happy to announce the imminent return (series two) of hit comedy series Little Britain. Tonight. BBC3. 9pm. Reserve the TV. Yes, turn OFF the Monster Trucks. And if you miss it, you are most definitely missing out.

'Yeah I Know'

Monday, October 18, 2004

Random Musical Nonsense

Keane - Live at Launch:
Launch music on Yahoo! are offering an interview and live performance with my favourites - Keane. Watch their exclusive performance of their awesome track 'Somewhere Only We Know' here.

A Break from Britney?
Apparently Britney is taking a break from singing for a while, to concentrate on family. We're not quite sure what to say...

Leo IS back:
He's promised me he's writing this week. Otherwise I can beat him with a large pointy stick, and he really doesn't want that.

UK Top 75 (17/10/04)

This week was one of chart shake-ups and surprises. What happened this week isn't supposed to happen at all...and that doesn't just go for the number one. It also applies to Cliff Richard.

In the lower regions of the chart this week are Tokyo Dragons (75), Datsuns (71), Neo Cortex (67) and Brand New Heavies (66). Young Buck (62), Ikara Colt (61), The Donnas (55) and Dirty Vegas (54) round up those missing out on the top 50.

There's a cluster of almost-hits just outside the famous UK Top 40 this week, therefore missing out on Wes reading their names out on the radio. Not a huge disappointment, but however, there's quite a few of them including Brad Carter (48), Paddingtons (47) and a new single from Nancy Sinatra (46). Rupee makes 44 and Tiesto ft. Kirsty Kawkshaw is at 43.

Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster scrape in at 40, followed by Velvet Revolver at 32. The rather irritating VS (also not liked by Jamie) who are managed by that one from Blue, have a bit of a flop at 29. We're eagerly anticipating them being dropped by their label, because...this is their worst single yet. Rhian Benson is brand new at 27.

Kasabian are new at 17We advise checking out the clever little video for The Beautiful South's new single 'Livin' Thing'. It begins with a toilet door...but that's not the point. It reaches 24 this week.

With their 3rd top 20 hit from their debut album, Leicester boys Kasabian are doing very well. One of my SOTWs, 'Processed Beats' is brand new at 17.

'Mary' deserved to be in the top 10. Then again, so did 'Laura'. Alas, we may have to wait to the follow-up to their debut until we see the Scissor Sisters hit the top 10 once again. My second SOTW, this track, makes 14.

Here we are. Cliff Richard. This shouldn't happen anymore. I have seen my mother get gigglishly girly over Cliff's multiple TV appearances on such things as Ant & Dec and Richard & Judy. It seems this also happens to most other women over 40, and they have bought this single. It's crap...but they don't seem to mind. And the use of apostrophes in the title track does NOT make it cool. 'Somethin' Is Goin' On' is new at 9.

Morrissey is new at 8 with 'Let Me Kiss You'. Yes, that is also a crap title. Rooster, who happen to be young and 'stylish' (and rubbish!) are new at 7, after tweenage fans seem to have eagerly lapped up their debut 'Come Get Some' thinking it's 'rock'. Poor deluded things.

Eric Prydz - number one, again!It didn't make number one, which is good, but it IS unfortunately this week's highest new entry. Duncan James and Keedie - 'I Believe My Heart'. What I believe in MY heart is that the less is said about it, the better. It's at 2.

So yes, doing what hasn't been done since Daniel Bedingfield, Eric Prydz has leapt back up to the number one spot for a second reign as king of the charts. Amazing what almost-porn can do, eh folks?

Sunday, October 17, 2004

10 Reasons We Love...The Amp

1) Available to digital TV viewers, The Amp is on channel 933 on Ntl Digital and 469 on Sky.

2) They play good music, all the time. We have stayed glued at our sets for over an hour without being disappointed.

The Amp - possibly the best music channel around3) It's not just new and popular songs on The Amp. Quite frequently you'll see old favourites from Oasis and Blur, alongside lesser known tunes from the past, like one by Richard Ashcroft we caught the other day. They're also the ONLY channel we've seen play the video for 'Lounger' by Dogs Die in Hot Cars.

4) There's no silly selection list. This channel is not trying to scam tons of cash out of you for 'selecting' your favourite video. You know for sure what's coming up, on a set playlist, and if that's not there, the best part is the surprise of not knowing at all.

5) Even Leo likes The Amp. Something we both agree on HAS to be good, surely? And from what we gather, Jamie watches it too.

6) Coldplay, Radiohead, Supergrass, Blur, Oasis, Richard Ashcroft, Dogs Die in Hot Cars, Starsailor, Feeder, The Thrills, Stereophonics, The Hives, Futureheads, Libertines, The Streets...the list goes on and on and on - need we say more?

7) There's genuinely less adverts than the other channels, possibly with the exception of daytime mtv2. But, of course, mtv2 has its faults...

8) Because here, there's no Zane Lowe on a couch.

9) The focus is REAL music. No manufactured nonsense. It's an ideal getaway from Smash Hits and The Box. If we want pop music, we will go there, thank you very much!

10) WE love it. So you should too.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Whatever's new...

Comment, anyone?
We've just put in some brand spanking new hassle-free comments boxes from Haloscan, after spotting how simple and easy they are at lots of our favourite blogs. Feel free to comment on any of our entries. Leave your site url if you fancy, and we'll pay you a visit!

Upcoming Reviews:
Having just ordered a cd and a dvd, the titles of which will be revealed shortly, you can expect some new reviews from us very soon.

The Return of Leo:
Anybody who is a fan of the pop-loving boy with the gift of extraordinarily sexy hair and is wondering what has happened to the poor thing, listen up. We would like to inform you that he's alive, but buried under huge piles of this thing known as 'schoolwork' because he meets these curious things called 'deadlines'. Yes, we're confused too. Hopefully we'll be getting him back soon, when he has a little bit more free time. Encouraging messages are welcomed, especially if it may make him think he has a fan club extending beyond the Jamie and I.

Pop Pictionary:
The name says it all really. Expect our first installment later this weekend.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Jamie's Single of the Week...

This week, I feel the 'New Releases' section of the BBC's TOTP website may in fact be lying to me. I checked a couple of weeks ago, and thought 'GREAT!' when I saw a certain song was to be released upon us. However, here we are, and there's no mention of it. However, I'm not going to let this stop me, especially as a few days ago, this site said this. So if this turns out to be a lie, blame them.

Damien Rice - 'Cold Water'/'Lonely'

Ok, well you may have already noticed, but I am, in fact, a huge fan of Damien Rice. 'Cold Water' is taken from the album 'O' which I reviewed on this very site a while back. It is aDamien Rice and Lisa Hannigan beautiful duet-esque song, sweeping effortlessly between the two vocalists, Damien himself, and the lovely Lisa Hannigan (who is quite possibly the thinnest woman on the planet). It is a song which builds in intensity, from the docility of the opening lines, as it becomes more and more heartfelt with the growth of Vivienne Long's cello, and then drifts back into a pseudo-whisper to make a somewhat fitting ending to this song which could easily fit itself into any artistic film's sountrack.

However, this song, as you may have noticed is a double A side. This means that 'Cold Water' is twinned with 'Lonely'. This is where I have a problem... 'Lonely'? Never heard of it! I remember there being a track called 'Lonelily' on the 'Woman Like a Man' EP, but I can't claim it's the same song, as I don't know. However, 'Cold Water' is in fact good enough to carry anything, and have you ever heard Damien Rice singing a bad song??

If you didn't all rush out to buy the album after I reviewed it for you (and why not?) I do hope you will go out and by 'Cold Water' because I like it a lot.


Je n'aime point...
VS - 'Make it hot'.
There really is very little I can say about this, other than:
No, no, no, no, no, no!!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

UK Download Chart (13/10/04)

New Entries:
Yes, THAT William Shatner...This week there are a massive 5 new entries. Recent top 10 hit 'Flashdance' by Deep Dish is new at 16 while Rachel Stevens' cover of 'More More More' enters at 14. A surprising new entry comes from none other than William Shatner, who has forever tarnished the brilliance that was Pulp's 'Common People'. He's at 9. Rachel's extremely bonza charity single 'Some Girls' is also brand new at 8, giving her two singles on this week's chart. Destiny's Child are this week's highest new entry with comeback single 'Lose My Breath'.

Longest Runners (7 weeks):
Still going strong are the unstoppable Maroon 5, with both 'She Will Be Loved' AND 'This Love' in the top 20. Green Day are this week's highest long runner, still at 2.

And at number one:
U2 - 'Vertigo' has made 2 weeks at the top.

Googlewhack WL?

Yes, Dave Gorman wrote a book on it.  Unfortunately we didn't exist then...We have set ourselves, and our loyal readers a challenge. Find a googlewhack that directs you, and only directs you to 'Whatever's Left' or a page on the site. We have realised the exact phrase 'gothic-looking cheerleaders' works, except that's cheating, because it's an exact phrase.

Try and use only two words to find us, and if you find us on any google search with less than 20 results, please comment, because you deserve some sort of prize.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

We Love Collaborations!

Robbie Williams and Little Britain:
It may interest you to know that George Michael isn't the only singer participating in the marvellous Little Britain. In aid of Comic Relief, Robbie Williams has filmed a sketch with Emily Howard and her good friend Florence. We can't wait!

Franz Ferdinand and Harry Potter:
Alex Kapranos and company may be playing the Weird Sisters in the 4th Harry Potter outing. Well, they've certainly been approached to write some songs for them to perform...

Britney Spears and...fur:
It's fake fur, apparently, but PETA are still angry withthe star's choice of clothing for the cover of her greatest hits album. Personally, we just think she looks a bit like Barbie. Oh, and if you REALLY want to (ie. your name is Leo) you can vote for your favourite Britney songs here. Oh, and no, 'Email My Heart' isn't on there - it's only the singles!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Hannah's Single of the Week

Argh! Amazing bands...why do you torment me so? Why do you insist on releasing two great songs on the same week and making my life hard? Again, I am torn between two awesome singles!

Single of the Week (1)
Kasabian - 'Processed Beats'
Kasabian - 'Processed Beats'It's a sense of local pride to support the first decent mainstream band to come from Leicester since...well, ever! Heaven forbid why the local paper seems to like Showaddywaddy. However, it ISN'T just local pride driving me on - Kasabian are actually VERY good. I have decided I am going to buy the album this week, rather than just the single, because 'L.S.F' was genius, and 'Club Foot' wasn't bad either. 'Processed Beats' was originally released on 10-inch limited edition, before the band came into the limelight, and definitely deserves this re-release. Combine the funkiest bassline of the moment with chanting vocals and twinkling piano and...well, you're pretty much there. The haunted feel to the instrumental fits the video (set in a forest at night) perfectly and the band certainly know how to use synthy sounds to great effect. Bonzaness to the highest degree. 4/5

Single of the Week (2)
Scissor Sisters - 'Mary'Scissor Sisters - 'Mary'
On the other end of the scale, we have a tender ballad by the Scissor Sisters. A bittersweet song of love and friendship, it's one of my favourites from their debut album, and one of the best heartstring-tuggers of 2004. It shows a different side to the Sisters, away from the usual camp pop and falsetto. The piano-dominated backing is almost reminiscent of Keane, although it's a little overshadowed by the signature vocals of Jake Shears and Ana Matronic. Listening to the song is like floating away into a dream world - as represented by their rather lavish Disney-style animated video. To the end, it even drifts into jazz, with saxophone and blues piano. It might be the 4th single from the album, but its just as strong a single as 'Laura' and 'Take Your Mama'. Avoid at your peril. 4.5/5

Avoid at all costs!
Duncan James and Keedie - 'I Believe My Heart'
We never liked Blue. And we never particularly liked Duncan's vocals either. So, why is the latest Andrew Lloyd Webber effort being released as a single...with him? In fact, why is it being released as a single at all? Deary me... 1/5

Rooster - 'Come Get Some'
They are NOT better than Jet. They sound like McFly trying to act all hard rock, and coming off sounding like...something so manufactured it's not true. All that complimentry we can say is that they're better than Noise Next Door, and they're not bad looking, either. 1.5/5

UK Top 75 (11/10/04)

In the lower regions of the chart this week are new entries from Special Needs (69), Sons & Daughters (68) and irish girls Bellefire (67). Your Codename is Milo, also new at 58 joins Soopa Hoopz ft. QPR Massive (yes, seriously) who make 54.

Just missing out on the top 40 is 'How Soon is Now' by Hundred Reasons (47) and Duke Spirit with 'Cuts Across the Land' at 45. Our single of the week, 'Lounger' by Dogs Die in Hot Cars makes a respectable 43.

Bowling For SoupFirst to make it into the top 40 this week are Jimmy Eat World with 'Pain'. I heard this for the first time on Thursday night, and it's worth a listen. Bowling For Soup are back with another mad dose of pop-punk, this time in the form of '1985'. Accompanied by a video that gives the band an excuse to dress in bad eighties' fashion, it's more a song of comedy value than decent music. It charts this week at 35.

Dead 60s are at 30 this week with 'Riot Radio'. And, oh dear, Eamon has made it into the charts too with the dreadful 'Love Them', entering the top 40 at 27. Hopefully now he will wear his one-hit-wonder tag with pride and leave our charts alone. Terror Squad chart slightly higher at 24 with 'Lean Back'.

DJ Casper - the glasses really don't work, do they?With 12 new entries in the top 20 this week, it's pretty packed! First to make it is DJ Casper. Not content with his number one in the form of the 'Cha Cha Slide' he has to attempt an atrocious cover of 'Oops Upside Your Head' which is new at 16, this week. Just higher, thankfully, is Estelle with 'Free', entering the chart at 15. It's a disappointment that she can't chart any higher than this, especially when she has practically the whole of the UK hip-hop scene behind her, and has a great tune too!

Marilyn Manson is back...with another cover version. The fairly mediocre 'Personal Jesus' makes 13. Another American comeback comes from Good Charlotte, with a rather predictable song, ironically named 'Predictable', at 12. Narrowly avoiding a top 10 hit, Brandy is new at 11 with 'Afrodisiac'.

Christina Milian's latest collaboration (with Joe Budden) is new at 9, while Angel City are this week's highest charting dance act at 8. Successful songstress Lucie Silvas is brand new at 7.

Robbie Williams - chart champion!The first entry in this week's top 5 comes from chart veterans Duran Duran and is to be celebrated, even if it's with the rather rubbish 'Sunrise' at 5. Number 4 in this week's chart is Khia, with a song that's two years old - 'My Neck, My Back'. And yes, it isn't amazing either. Neither is Rachel Stevens, who makes 3 this week with her cover of 'More More More' - read Jamie's post for details!

So yes, new at number one this week, toppling Eric Prydz from the top is Robbie Williams with 'Radio'. A deserving number one - his first since 2001's 'Somethin' Stupid'. Welcome back to the charts, Rob.

The Q Awards 2004 and Radiohead

Q Awards 2004:
We love Q magazine, and we LOVE the Q Awards, especially when bands we like actually WIN. Here you can see some nifty quicktime videos from the awards featuring red carpet antics from Keane, GLC, Razorlight and Emma Bunton, amonst others. Oh, and Elton John slagging off Madonna and lip-synching. Good on him!

Radiohead are releasing a dvd of, hence its mysterious disappearance last week. Rather bonza, don't you think? Visit their official site here.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Downloadable Goodness

Having sacrificed a weekend of beautiful blog updates in favour of being hurled upside down and round and round at Drayton Manor theme park, I'm going to round off this week's set of updates with a few treats. There'll be the usual chart rundown tomorrow, along with some new single reviews, *hopefully* a visit from Leo and more compulsary pop nonsense. Anyway, sorry it's been SO quiet...let us break the silence.

Box Five
Having recently played a gig at the Abilene, my favourite classipop quartet have put up a selection of photos and mp3s on their website,, and although the quality isn't amazing, I recommend the amazing Running and the incredible Media Darling. There are also two more songs up for download from the gig - Allright and Micro5copic. Click on each song's name for a listen.

Llama Films
The boys at Llama Films, namely Matt and Chris, have produced a brand new short film. It's the sequel to 'Mortal Wombat' which I posted on Whatever's Left some time last week. With some new special effects, and a couple of bizarre twists, it's just as good as the first, even if it's still in low resolution. No Michael this time, but at least you can see proof that Matthew is just incredibly tall! Visit their website at and download 'Mortal Wombat 2' here!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Jamie's non-single of the week.

I am painfully aware that Hannah has once again stolen the good songs released this week, and that it would be incredibly boring if every week our opinions were to echo each other, especially as the exceptionally hard-working Leonard is unavailable for comments.

Therefore, this week's J's SOTW will take a slightly different format. I will be telling you which single I find offensive.

This week, you will not be buying:

Rachel Stevens - 'More, More, More.'

Why? The Andrea True Connection
Because it is upsettingly bad. 'More, More, More' was originally released in 1976 by the Andrea True Connection. In case you didn't know, before this venture, Andrea True was in fact a hardcore porn star. This, therefore explains lyrics such as:

'So if you want to know how I really feel
Get the cameras rolling, get the action going...'

As well as the blatently orgasmic chorus.

Rachel Stevens - More, More More??Rachel Stevens, however, was previously a member of S Club. One of those bands with members that you just can't imagine having anything that even resembles sex. Therefore 'More, More, More' is a completely inappropriate song for her to sing. She'd be better off singing something like 'Save All Your Kisses For Me'.

Another thing that worries me about this song/artist combination, is it is another song which requires a dance. As we saw in the 'Sweet Dreams my LA Ex' video, our Miss Stevens has about as much co-ordination as a dead squirrel. So rather than upset Rach with anything that resembles a real dance, her lovely choreographers introduced the 'Encircle your huge hair with your arms a few times' move. If you haven't had the oppurtunity to see this marvellous piece of rubbish dancing, I urge you to sit glued to MTV-Hits for a while, just for that fantastic moment.

Are there any good points?
Yes. I have to say that this song does in fact sound like Rachel Stevens. As opposed to 'Some Girls' which really, really, really was trying to sound like Alison Goldfrapp's Strict Machine. However, our Rach is far too nice to 'write' a song about such sordid things...

So what should I buy?
Read Hannah's SOTW, and follow her guidelines..!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

UK Download Chart (06/10/04)

New Entries:
Marilyn Manson - 'Personal Jesus' is barely scraping into the chart at 20, this week, while Ashlee Simpson manages 12 with 'Pieces of Me'. Yes, people are buying it online as well - are they crazy? Groove Armada are this week's second highest new entry at 3 with the re-release of 'I See You Baby'.

U2 top this week's download chart!Longest Runners (6 weeks):
The Streets - 'Dry Your Eyes' (19)
Shapeshifters - 'Lola's Theme' (16)
Maroon 5 - 'This Love' (11)
Maroon 5 - 'She Will Be Loved' (5)
Green Day - 'American Idiot' (2)

This Week's Number One:
U2 are new, and straight in at the top spot with 'Vertigo'. Bye bye, Miss Bedingfield...

We Love 1997!

Oh yes, we most certainly do!

That is why we are setting up a side project blog for it and YOU are welcome to join in. Send us an email at the usual address - - and we'll get back to you as soon as we possibly can. If there's anything specific you want to write about, even if it's just a one-off post to celebrate your love (or indeed hatred) of a certain song from that year, please tell us. Believe me, there's a LOT of choice, especially from a year that brought us both Ok Computer and The Teletubbies, Urban Hymns and Spice Up Your Life AND Candle in the Wind (1997) and Barbie Girl.

Looking forward to seeing you around!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Hannah's Single of the Week

ARGH! The single-pickers worst nightmare - two awesome singles in one week! So, I have to have TWO singles of the honourable mention and two I really detest!

Honourable Mention:

Estelle - 'Free'
'1980' was a grower, but this tune just hit me on first listen. It has one of the catchiest choruses of the year, and is only really spoilt by the fact that she has to have a male rapper on the track. Her star-studded video features the likes of Natasha Bedingfield and Ms Dynamite. And singing and rapping in the same track? We LOVE this girl, and can't wait for more! 4/5

Robbie Williams - 'Radio'Single of the Week (1)
Robbie Williams - 'Radio'
However much of a complete twat he can often be, we still love Robbie. He makes the best original videos, gives some of the greatest interviews and is a true 'old-fashioned' entertainer. He's back with a vengeance, ready to win back the charts with this new song, 'Radio'. It's very eighties-influenced, yet still sounds super-modern and extremely fresh. We STILL haven't managed to work out what it's about, but that doesn't spoil it from being a great song, even if the critics are giving it mixed reviews. If I'm going to be critical myself, he doesn't really DO much when it comes to the chorus - it isn't something amazing that you can crash straight into - it's just the verse with different words and tune. But that can be left aside, as you still can't help singing along. Mr Williams, welcome back to the UK charts. 4.2/5

Dogs Die In Hot Cars - 'Lounger'Single of the Week (2)
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - 'Lounger'
It's not been the year of success that Dogs Die In Hot Cars deserve, really, has it? Despite seeming to play every festival known to man, making songs like NOTHING out there at the moment and generally being awesome, they seem to have nothing to show for it. Although their album is critically acclaimed, with few exceptions and they have some die-hard fans, they've had no tremendous chart success or real publicity. The BBC hasn't acknowledged the single's existance, I haven't heard any radioplay and the only way I know of it is because I had a quick browse at HMV. Other than that, this is possibly the best single from their debut album 'Please Describe Yourself'. 'Lounger' is a happy tale of a slob, living off benefits; a clever song of a failed education and the life of the underdog - basically like many of their songs, but a lot more positive. Sarcastic? Maybe. Sheer pop brilliance? Definitely. 4.5/5

Avoid at ALL costs:
Rachel Stevens - 'More More More'
A reworking of a classic. Looks cheap. Sounds cheap. Is cheap. How do we like it? Straight into the bargain bins. Next? 0.5/5

Eamon - 'Love Them'
Yes Eamon, f*** it. We don't want you back either. 0/5

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

UK Top 75 (04/10/04)

Into October, and now it's the album chart doing peculiar things. Take a look here, and look out for some bizarre re-releases and re-entries from David Bowie, Blur, Outkast and Coldplay, to name but a few. Which major music chain is having a sale and didn't tell us?!

Anyway, onto this week's singles. It's been an odd week, with the amount of rubbish the British record industry sees fit to unleash upon us, so let us start in the lowest of the low, almost scummy regions of the chart with new entries from Happylife (73), Spankox (69) and Boxer Rebellion (61). No, we haven't heard of them either...

Nightwish are new at 60, just below the Rakes at 57. Auf Der Maur is new at 51 with 'Taste You' while Nightbreed make 45, with Roni Size just above at 44.

First into the top 40 are Danny Howells and Dick Trevor (37) closely followed by singer-turned-actress-turned-singer Minnie Driver at 34. We actually recommend having a listen to this track, since it's not all that bad. Beverley Knight has a disappointing new entry at 31 with 'Not Too Late for Love', which is a chart abomination, especially considering...

At 29, yes, they're back, are The Cheeky Girls. Not content with throwing the word 'cheeky' into every other song they produce, they had to do it AGAIN...with 'flamenco'. Sad really. Although what is slightly worse is the fact that people are actually buying it...

Jentina is at 20, with her significantly better (in sales as well as musical value) second single 'French Kisses'. It's a catchy little RnB number - have a listen. Loved by Jonny, Super Furry Animals are at 16. The comeback from Big Brovaz didn't make the ' 5' spot that member Randy thought they deserved...instead reaching a mediocre 15. Oh well...there's always next time. If they don't get dropped, that is.

Scraping his way into the top 10 (at 10) this week is Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, with 'Blinded by the Lights'. It's not been the most well-publicised of singles, due to its video being banned from the TV, and the fact that it's not an easy listen like 'Dry Your Eyes'.

The top 5 is saturated with new entries this week from our (albeit reluctantly chosen) single of the week by R.E.M. (5), the detested Ashlee Simpson at 4, Deep Dish at 3, with 'Flashdance' and Ronan Keating at 2 with 'I Hope You Dance'. Coincidentally, most of our search engine based hits come from somebody searching for something to do with that song. This infuriates us, because we don't even like it!

So yes, number one for three weeks's Eric Prydz. Perverted British public.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Supergrass is 10!

This year it all seems to be about 'a decade since 'Definitely Maybe' while the thought of 10 years of Supergrass didn't really make much impact at all. There was the album, which did less than brilliantly, a tour, and various bits of promo, including two songs (nobody EVER does two songs!) on Jonathan Ross and C4's Popbeach. So, you see, I have a tiny problem here. Why does a band who have produced some of the most amazing singles from 1994 to 2004 barely get any recognisition, while you can't move for hype about an Oasis album which has no tunes that somebody my age can remember? Of course, I have no problem with Oasis, but often the phrase 'a little over-rated' springs to mind.

Supergrass is 10'Supergrass is 10' (please note they didn't have the inexcusable cheesiness to call it 'greatest hits') starts off with a bang with drug-anthem 'Caught By The Fuzz'. With fans and critics, it's achieved cult status, although its sheer age prevented me from hearing it until I actually bought the album. And it's very good. I have a feeling I should play it to a few of my friends, just to get its 'message' across.

It is at this time that I should mention that 'Supergrass is 10' also appears in DVD form. I don't own this, but BUY IT. 'Pumping On Your Stereo' has one of the most innovative pop videos ever made. On the other end of the video scale, there is 'Alright' - a song which you could call Supergrass' career maker - a poppy summer-singalong which has a rather embarassingly cheap video.

I DO have a favourite song by Supergrass, and indeed, it is 'Moving'. I have liked it even since it was first released. It grabbed me then, and it still grabs me now. A beautiful song, full of contrasts and meaningful lyrics, 'Moving' is one of those songs you really shouldn't avoid. 'Richard III' is also very good too.

The incredibly catchy 'Grace' and another 1997 release, the offbeat 'Late In The Day' are next up, followed by 'Seen The Light' and their second charting single 'Mansize Rooster'. You really can't fault Supergrass on their use of keyboards here...

'Sun Hits The Sky' is one of my ULTIMATE summer anthems. You really can't fault it, especially with that synthy solo bit. I have to get Chris to play that on guitar. The album is let down a bit by new single 'Kiss of Life' which frankly is a bit boring and features one of the most cliched lyrics in pop. Okay, possibly more. However, that isn't the record's real flaw...

In fact, the major problem with the album is that the second half are largely uninspiring 'fillers', except for perhaps 'Lenny'. Some aren't even charting singles and the terrible 'Lose It' only made 75 in the first place! Maybe this is why they dropped the 'greatest hits' title.

Oh, and if your name is Michael Bush, it has a witty cover adorned with pin badges. You can't help but love it.

4/5 - just make sure you stop at track 15!

Saturday, October 02, 2004


The return of the greatest TV show on earth, starring:

Little Ant and Dec!
The Emmerdale and Corrie 'hunks' ft. Tina O'Brien!
Kelly Holmes!
BB Nadia!!!

How we LOVE Saturday Night Takeaway!! <3

Favourite moments, anyone? Feel free to discuss on comments, because I certainly will!

Friday, October 01, 2004

And into October...

We love Launch music. We love them even more when they decide that Robbie Williams is their artist of the month, and they provide lots of special treats highlighting his influential solo career including videos, reviews and...a competition!

Launch music also provide disappointing news for a Keane fan stuck in college, who would find being at a videoshoot for 'This Is The Last Time' tremendously exciting. It's on the 4th and 5th of this month - Monday and Tuesday, if you want to apply...

Oh, and Spongebob. Avril Lavigne sinks to a whole new low.