Sunday, October 17, 2004

10 Reasons We Love...The Amp

1) Available to digital TV viewers, The Amp is on channel 933 on Ntl Digital and 469 on Sky.

2) They play good music, all the time. We have stayed glued at our sets for over an hour without being disappointed.

The Amp - possibly the best music channel around3) It's not just new and popular songs on The Amp. Quite frequently you'll see old favourites from Oasis and Blur, alongside lesser known tunes from the past, like one by Richard Ashcroft we caught the other day. They're also the ONLY channel we've seen play the video for 'Lounger' by Dogs Die in Hot Cars.

4) There's no silly selection list. This channel is not trying to scam tons of cash out of you for 'selecting' your favourite video. You know for sure what's coming up, on a set playlist, and if that's not there, the best part is the surprise of not knowing at all.

5) Even Leo likes The Amp. Something we both agree on HAS to be good, surely? And from what we gather, Jamie watches it too.

6) Coldplay, Radiohead, Supergrass, Blur, Oasis, Richard Ashcroft, Dogs Die in Hot Cars, Starsailor, Feeder, The Thrills, Stereophonics, The Hives, Futureheads, Libertines, The Streets...the list goes on and on and on - need we say more?

7) There's genuinely less adverts than the other channels, possibly with the exception of daytime mtv2. But, of course, mtv2 has its faults...

8) Because here, there's no Zane Lowe on a couch.

9) The focus is REAL music. No manufactured nonsense. It's an ideal getaway from Smash Hits and The Box. If we want pop music, we will go there, thank you very much!

10) WE love it. So you should too.