Thursday, October 28, 2004

Blog Explosion

As of late, we've been using the rather bonza Blog Explosion. While we surf and find some rather interesting blogs (we've learnt more about American politics and knitting in the last few days than we have in a lifetime!) other blog owners are directed to ours. Anyway, if YOU are visiting from Blog Explosion, please post a comment to say hello, leave your address, and we'll pay your blog a visit.

The downside of blog explosion is the fact that many hits are pointless. Many blog owners in other countries aren't always interested in what we have to say, with the exception of a few devout fans. We are focused on the british music scene, and the site is targeted at british people, but we also want to get more people who aren't on our little island into the music WE like. Therefore, expect more links to official sites, videos, music and photographs in the coming weeks. We want to encourage people to find out more about these strange bands we keep rambling on about...

Please comment. It lets us know what you like/don't like and especially what you would like to see more of.

Thank you.