Sunday, October 10, 2004

Downloadable Goodness

Having sacrificed a weekend of beautiful blog updates in favour of being hurled upside down and round and round at Drayton Manor theme park, I'm going to round off this week's set of updates with a few treats. There'll be the usual chart rundown tomorrow, along with some new single reviews, *hopefully* a visit from Leo and more compulsary pop nonsense. Anyway, sorry it's been SO quiet...let us break the silence.

Box Five
Having recently played a gig at the Abilene, my favourite classipop quartet have put up a selection of photos and mp3s on their website,, and although the quality isn't amazing, I recommend the amazing Running and the incredible Media Darling. There are also two more songs up for download from the gig - Allright and Micro5copic. Click on each song's name for a listen.

Llama Films
The boys at Llama Films, namely Matt and Chris, have produced a brand new short film. It's the sequel to 'Mortal Wombat' which I posted on Whatever's Left some time last week. With some new special effects, and a couple of bizarre twists, it's just as good as the first, even if it's still in low resolution. No Michael this time, but at least you can see proof that Matthew is just incredibly tall! Visit their website at and download 'Mortal Wombat 2' here!