Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Hannah's Single of the Week

Argh! Amazing bands...why do you torment me so? Why do you insist on releasing two great songs on the same week and making my life hard? Again, I am torn between two awesome singles!

Single of the Week (1)
Kasabian - 'Processed Beats'
Kasabian - 'Processed Beats'It's a sense of local pride to support the first decent mainstream band to come from Leicester since...well, ever! Heaven forbid why the local paper seems to like Showaddywaddy. However, it ISN'T just local pride driving me on - Kasabian are actually VERY good. I have decided I am going to buy the album this week, rather than just the single, because 'L.S.F' was genius, and 'Club Foot' wasn't bad either. 'Processed Beats' was originally released on 10-inch limited edition, before the band came into the limelight, and definitely deserves this re-release. Combine the funkiest bassline of the moment with chanting vocals and twinkling piano and...well, you're pretty much there. The haunted feel to the instrumental fits the video (set in a forest at night) perfectly and the band certainly know how to use synthy sounds to great effect. Bonzaness to the highest degree. 4/5

Single of the Week (2)
Scissor Sisters - 'Mary'Scissor Sisters - 'Mary'
On the other end of the scale, we have a tender ballad by the Scissor Sisters. A bittersweet song of love and friendship, it's one of my favourites from their debut album, and one of the best heartstring-tuggers of 2004. It shows a different side to the Sisters, away from the usual camp pop and falsetto. The piano-dominated backing is almost reminiscent of Keane, although it's a little overshadowed by the signature vocals of Jake Shears and Ana Matronic. Listening to the song is like floating away into a dream world - as represented by their rather lavish Disney-style animated video. To the end, it even drifts into jazz, with saxophone and blues piano. It might be the 4th single from the album, but its just as strong a single as 'Laura' and 'Take Your Mama'. Avoid at your peril. 4.5/5

Avoid at all costs!
Duncan James and Keedie - 'I Believe My Heart'
We never liked Blue. And we never particularly liked Duncan's vocals either. So, why is the latest Andrew Lloyd Webber effort being released as a single...with him? In fact, why is it being released as a single at all? Deary me... 1/5

Rooster - 'Come Get Some'
They are NOT better than Jet. They sound like McFly trying to act all hard rock, and coming off sounding like...something so manufactured it's not true. All that complimentry we can say is that they're better than Noise Next Door, and they're not bad looking, either. 1.5/5