Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I need help!

Well, we knew that anyway!

No, what I mean is, I need your help. Lyrically. Let me explain...

Cast your minds back to 1996. The Beautiful Don't Marry Her - The Beautiful South. Please help me!!South's album 'Blue Is The Colour' had already produced the fairly massive 'Rotterdam'. However, later in the year, the far superior 'Don't Marry Her' was also unleashed upon us.

Most people, when thinking of this song, think of the respectable radio edit, and it's slightly altered lyrics, changing 'Don't marry her, f**k me!' to 'Don't marry her, have me!'

However, there was another alteration. The second half of the first verse of the original version goes as follows:

'Your love light shines like cardboard,
But your work shoes are glistening,
She's a PhD in 'I told you so',
You've a knighthood in 'I'm not listening'!
She'll grab your sweaty b*ll*cks,
And slowly raise her knee...
Don't marry her, f**k me!'

What did they change this to? It's been driving me mad... I had a brief look on tinty for it, but due to my laziness, gave up when all it would tell me was the change in the famous line. The lyrics sites I've tried won't tell me either. So if anyone out there reading this knows, please, please comment and tell me! Thankyou!