Friday, October 22, 2004

News Roundup (22/10/04)

Band Aid III - Albarn AND Gallagher?
The Darkness, Fran Healy, Chris Martin, Noel Gallagher and Katie Melua are apparently confirmed for the charity track. Damon Albarn is also reported to be interested...but only as one of Gorillaz. So much for kiss-and-make-up between the two britpop rivals...

Madonna on Arthur?
Oh how excited we got. Unfortunately, it's not the well-loved BBC children's cartoon, and instead it's a film. You can dream, eh?

Competitions - the new way to combat music piracy?
Apparently Eminem thinks so. Or his people do. By buying his new album, 'Encore', you could win one of 400 Eminem related prizes. We're trying not to be too enthusiastic.

On the subject of music piracy:
Have you got strong views on music piracy and mp3 filesharing, for or against? Would you like to share your views by doing an interview? It will be fairly short, and done by email sometime in the near future. Please email us at the usual address if you're interested. We're looking for people who oppose illegal downloading of mp3s, people who regularly share files on such sites as Kazaa and Soulseek, and mp3 blog owners.