Friday, October 22, 2004

UK Download Top 20 (20/10/04)

Sorry we're a bit late this week, but oddly enough the BBC site wasn't showing us the new chart yesterday afternoon. Here, even if it's a little belatedly, is the Official UK Top 20 Downloads:

New Entries:
The awesome 'Mary' by the Scissor Sisters just scrapes in at 20, which is rather pleasing, especially after the recent departure of 'Laura'. Lucie Silvas is new at 16 with 'What You're Made Of' - if you want to hear something else by Lucie, head over to Into the Groove. It's on our links bar.
Stereogram make a top 10 appearance at 8 with 'Walkie Talkie Man'. We LOVE this song. However, we're not so keen on Christina Aguilera's cover of 'Car Wash' which places at 4. 'The Damage' by Marillion is this week's highest new entry at 2.

U2 - kings of downloading for three weeks runningRe-entries:
Duran Duran re-enter the chart again this week with '(Reach Up For The) Sunrise' at 14.
Longest Runners (8 weeks):
Running for the entire duration of the top 20 so far are Green Day with 'American Idiot' (2) and 'She Will be Loved' by Maroon 5 (6).

Number One:
Yes, it's still U2 with 'Vertigo' which, unsuprisingly, is very good. This is its 3rd week at the top spot.

The Official UK Download Chart is based on the most popular, legally downloaded tracks in the UK. It's compiled from the sale of permanently owned single track downloads and doesn't include streamed downloads, subscriptions or free downloads. The Download Chart is broadcast every Wednesday at 6 pm on Radio 1.