Tuesday, October 05, 2004

UK Top 75 (04/10/04)

Into October, and now it's the album chart doing peculiar things. Take a look here, and look out for some bizarre re-releases and re-entries from David Bowie, Blur, Outkast and Coldplay, to name but a few. Which major music chain is having a sale and didn't tell us?!

Anyway, onto this week's singles. It's been an odd week, with the amount of rubbish the British record industry sees fit to unleash upon us, so let us start in the lowest of the low, almost scummy regions of the chart with new entries from Happylife (73), Spankox (69) and Boxer Rebellion (61). No, we haven't heard of them either...

Nightwish are new at 60, just below the Rakes at 57. Auf Der Maur is new at 51 with 'Taste You' while Nightbreed make 45, with Roni Size just above at 44.

First into the top 40 are Danny Howells and Dick Trevor (37) closely followed by singer-turned-actress-turned-singer Minnie Driver at 34. We actually recommend having a listen to this track, since it's not all that bad. Beverley Knight has a disappointing new entry at 31 with 'Not Too Late for Love', which is a chart abomination, especially considering...

At 29, yes, they're back, are The Cheeky Girls. Not content with throwing the word 'cheeky' into every other song they produce, they had to do it AGAIN...with 'flamenco'. Sad really. Although what is slightly worse is the fact that people are actually buying it...

Jentina is at 20, with her significantly better (in sales as well as musical value) second single 'French Kisses'. It's a catchy little RnB number - have a listen. Loved by Jonny, Super Furry Animals are at 16. The comeback from Big Brovaz didn't make the 'erm...top 5' spot that member Randy thought they deserved...instead reaching a mediocre 15. Oh well...there's always next time. If they don't get dropped, that is.

Scraping his way into the top 10 (at 10) this week is Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, with 'Blinded by the Lights'. It's not been the most well-publicised of singles, due to its video being banned from the TV, and the fact that it's not an easy listen like 'Dry Your Eyes'.

The top 5 is saturated with new entries this week from our (albeit reluctantly chosen) single of the week by R.E.M. (5), the detested Ashlee Simpson at 4, Deep Dish at 3, with 'Flashdance' and Ronan Keating at 2 with 'I Hope You Dance'. Coincidentally, most of our search engine based hits come from somebody searching for something to do with that song. This infuriates us, because we don't even like it!

So yes, number one for three weeks now...it's Eric Prydz. Perverted British public.