Tuesday, October 12, 2004

UK Top 75 (11/10/04)

In the lower regions of the chart this week are new entries from Special Needs (69), Sons & Daughters (68) and irish girls Bellefire (67). Your Codename is Milo, also new at 58 joins Soopa Hoopz ft. QPR Massive (yes, seriously) who make 54.

Just missing out on the top 40 is 'How Soon is Now' by Hundred Reasons (47) and Duke Spirit with 'Cuts Across the Land' at 45. Our single of the week, 'Lounger' by Dogs Die in Hot Cars makes a respectable 43.

Bowling For SoupFirst to make it into the top 40 this week are Jimmy Eat World with 'Pain'. I heard this for the first time on Thursday night, and it's worth a listen. Bowling For Soup are back with another mad dose of pop-punk, this time in the form of '1985'. Accompanied by a video that gives the band an excuse to dress in bad eighties' fashion, it's more a song of comedy value than decent music. It charts this week at 35.

Dead 60s are at 30 this week with 'Riot Radio'. And, oh dear, Eamon has made it into the charts too with the dreadful 'Love Them', entering the top 40 at 27. Hopefully now he will wear his one-hit-wonder tag with pride and leave our charts alone. Terror Squad chart slightly higher at 24 with 'Lean Back'.

DJ Casper - the glasses really don't work, do they?With 12 new entries in the top 20 this week, it's pretty packed! First to make it is DJ Casper. Not content with his number one in the form of the 'Cha Cha Slide' he has to attempt an atrocious cover of 'Oops Upside Your Head' which is new at 16, this week. Just higher, thankfully, is Estelle with 'Free', entering the chart at 15. It's a disappointment that she can't chart any higher than this, especially when she has practically the whole of the UK hip-hop scene behind her, and has a great tune too!

Marilyn Manson is back...with another cover version. The fairly mediocre 'Personal Jesus' makes 13. Another American comeback comes from Good Charlotte, with a rather predictable song, ironically named 'Predictable', at 12. Narrowly avoiding a top 10 hit, Brandy is new at 11 with 'Afrodisiac'.

Christina Milian's latest collaboration (with Joe Budden) is new at 9, while Angel City are this week's highest charting dance act at 8. Successful songstress Lucie Silvas is brand new at 7.

Robbie Williams - chart champion!The first entry in this week's top 5 comes from chart veterans Duran Duran and is to be celebrated, even if it's with the rather rubbish 'Sunrise' at 5. Number 4 in this week's chart is Khia, with a song that's two years old - 'My Neck, My Back'. And yes, it isn't amazing either. Neither is Rachel Stevens, who makes 3 this week with her cover of 'More More More' - read Jamie's post for details!

So yes, new at number one this week, toppling Eric Prydz from the top is Robbie Williams with 'Radio'. A deserving number one - his first since 2001's 'Somethin' Stupid'. Welcome back to the charts, Rob.