Monday, October 18, 2004

UK Top 75 (17/10/04)

This week was one of chart shake-ups and surprises. What happened this week isn't supposed to happen at all...and that doesn't just go for the number one. It also applies to Cliff Richard.

In the lower regions of the chart this week are Tokyo Dragons (75), Datsuns (71), Neo Cortex (67) and Brand New Heavies (66). Young Buck (62), Ikara Colt (61), The Donnas (55) and Dirty Vegas (54) round up those missing out on the top 50.

There's a cluster of almost-hits just outside the famous UK Top 40 this week, therefore missing out on Wes reading their names out on the radio. Not a huge disappointment, but however, there's quite a few of them including Brad Carter (48), Paddingtons (47) and a new single from Nancy Sinatra (46). Rupee makes 44 and Tiesto ft. Kirsty Kawkshaw is at 43.

Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster scrape in at 40, followed by Velvet Revolver at 32. The rather irritating VS (also not liked by Jamie) who are managed by that one from Blue, have a bit of a flop at 29. We're eagerly anticipating them being dropped by their label, because...this is their worst single yet. Rhian Benson is brand new at 27.

Kasabian are new at 17We advise checking out the clever little video for The Beautiful South's new single 'Livin' Thing'. It begins with a toilet door...but that's not the point. It reaches 24 this week.

With their 3rd top 20 hit from their debut album, Leicester boys Kasabian are doing very well. One of my SOTWs, 'Processed Beats' is brand new at 17.

'Mary' deserved to be in the top 10. Then again, so did 'Laura'. Alas, we may have to wait to the follow-up to their debut until we see the Scissor Sisters hit the top 10 once again. My second SOTW, this track, makes 14.

Here we are. Cliff Richard. This shouldn't happen anymore. I have seen my mother get gigglishly girly over Cliff's multiple TV appearances on such things as Ant & Dec and Richard & Judy. It seems this also happens to most other women over 40, and they have bought this single. It's crap...but they don't seem to mind. And the use of apostrophes in the title track does NOT make it cool. 'Somethin' Is Goin' On' is new at 9.

Morrissey is new at 8 with 'Let Me Kiss You'. Yes, that is also a crap title. Rooster, who happen to be young and 'stylish' (and rubbish!) are new at 7, after tweenage fans seem to have eagerly lapped up their debut 'Come Get Some' thinking it's 'rock'. Poor deluded things.

Eric Prydz - number one, again!It didn't make number one, which is good, but it IS unfortunately this week's highest new entry. Duncan James and Keedie - 'I Believe My Heart'. What I believe in MY heart is that the less is said about it, the better. It's at 2.

So yes, doing what hasn't been done since Daniel Bedingfield, Eric Prydz has leapt back up to the number one spot for a second reign as king of the charts. Amazing what almost-porn can do, eh folks?