Wednesday, October 13, 2004

We Love Collaborations!

Robbie Williams and Little Britain:
It may interest you to know that George Michael isn't the only singer participating in the marvellous Little Britain. In aid of Comic Relief, Robbie Williams has filmed a sketch with Emily Howard and her good friend Florence. We can't wait!

Franz Ferdinand and Harry Potter:
Alex Kapranos and company may be playing the Weird Sisters in the 4th Harry Potter outing. Well, they've certainly been approached to write some songs for them to perform...

Britney Spears and...fur:
It's fake fur, apparently, but PETA are still angry withthe star's choice of clothing for the cover of her greatest hits album. Personally, we just think she looks a bit like Barbie. Oh, and if you REALLY want to (ie. your name is Leo) you can vote for your favourite Britney songs here. Oh, and no, 'Email My Heart' isn't on there - it's only the singles!