Saturday, October 16, 2004

Whatever's new...

Comment, anyone?
We've just put in some brand spanking new hassle-free comments boxes from Haloscan, after spotting how simple and easy they are at lots of our favourite blogs. Feel free to comment on any of our entries. Leave your site url if you fancy, and we'll pay you a visit!

Upcoming Reviews:
Having just ordered a cd and a dvd, the titles of which will be revealed shortly, you can expect some new reviews from us very soon.

The Return of Leo:
Anybody who is a fan of the pop-loving boy with the gift of extraordinarily sexy hair and is wondering what has happened to the poor thing, listen up. We would like to inform you that he's alive, but buried under huge piles of this thing known as 'schoolwork' because he meets these curious things called 'deadlines'. Yes, we're confused too. Hopefully we'll be getting him back soon, when he has a little bit more free time. Encouraging messages are welcomed, especially if it may make him think he has a fan club extending beyond the Jamie and I.

Pop Pictionary:
The name says it all really. Expect our first installment later this weekend.