Friday, November 05, 2004

Breaking the silence...

Before we begin, we advise going here and checking out the latest offerings from Travis and Manic Street Preachers, because they really aren't as bad as Q magazine seems to make out.
Moving On...
You may have noticed we've all gone a bit quiet this week. This is because:
1) Hannah has had several gigantic coursework projects
2) Jamie is also a busy boy. Doing what, we're not sure, but since he does nothing in his free periods, he does it all at home. This is what happens in Jamie's free periods. He turns into a tangerine, or is it a satsuma?

3) Leo will be back on a more regular basis, he promises me this. He's also had his hair cut, which we believe could be a delicate operation. It's so sacred it shouldn't have been touched in the first place!
4) The tiger is a lazy git. We might rouse him at some point next week with the offer of several raw lamb chops.
5) We have ALL become fed up with what the record industry has churned out this week. Stupid american invasion...
None of us being massive Beyonce* fans, we don't really care about the return of Destiny's Child or even Eminem, nor does Britney enlighten us. Well, Leo might be interested, but he's a little out of touch at the moment, so we'd recommend just patting him on the head and giving him a little smile.
Therefore I recommend buying the following, or at least watching the video:

Hannah's Single of the Week:
Michael Gray - 'The Weekend'

Also, do not even CONSIDER downloading the new Westlife track. Robbie's cover of 'Ain't That a Kick In The Head' was far better, and that's saying something.
6) We will be back in full force next week, we assure you. 'Vertigo' is calling me...
*I am still giggling over my friend's amazingly accurate observation that 'old people' can't pronounce 'Beyonce'. "Who's that? Bouncy?"