Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Hannah's Single of the Week (08/11/04)

So, after a brief interval from my usual single-based ramblings, I am back, and armed with a concise list of titles worthy of my bizarre and largely inaccurate ratings...or possibly not.

Runners Up:
Steriogram - 'Walkie Talkie Man'
Steriogram - 'Walkie Talkie Man'Normally we at WL wouldn't be inclined to think of artists compared to such bands as Busted and Blink 182, but when a band have an amazing video, directed by an even more amazing director, we just have to stop, stare, listen hard and generally divert our attention to them. Michel Gondry is responsible for the woollen bonanza that is the Steriogram video. You may know Gondry as the director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (starring Jim Carrey) and yes, he was also behind the videos 'Fell In Love With a Girl' by The White Stripes and 'Come Into My World' by Kylie Minogue. However, it wouldn't make sense for us to simply praise a brilliant director. Steriogram (no, not Stereogram) have produced a hyper-speed singalong, with lyrics reaching the pace and ridiculousness of songs by Dogs Die in Hot Cars. It's catchy, but not annoying, and the boys tend to give a performance as supercharged as the song. 3.8/5
Watch the Steriogram Video

Single of the Week:
U2 - 'Vertigo'
U2 - 'Vertigo'I might lose a few friends by admitting that yes, I have completely fallen in love with the latest offering from U2. The video is nothing short of breathtaking, and aside from some dodgy Spanish and a few cliches, there's really nothing I can fault. I've been brought up to regard Bono and co. as boring and not worth bothering with. This is the first song I've liked by U2, and it's only because I didn't know who was singing it at the time. Unless the fact that my good friend Michael humming it in lessons has caused some kind of subliminal influence on my mind? Perhaps not. 'Vertigo' has been kicking around, and generally dominating, the download charts for about a month now, so will the single be as successful? We're not sure, but it will definitely be interesting to see what happens, especially when U2 are 'doing a Manics' and you can buy all three single formats for £6. 4/5
U2 Official Website

Avoid at ALL Costs:
Jamie Cullum - 'Everlasting Love'
He's made a mess out of a classic Radiohead song, but does he stop there? It doesn't seem so. This cover is taken, like many others tackling the charts at the moment, from the Bridget Jones soundtrack. It's lazy, and lives up to the usual expectation of a cover version, or indeed most things by Jamie Cullum - it's a bit crap. 1.2/5

Blue - 'Curtain Falls'
Coolio pinched a bit of music from Stevie Wonder. Fair enough, but is it right that a certain 'vocal harmony group' pinch the very same bit of music, and sing a suspiciously familiar tune over the top? Taking this into consideration 'Curtain Falls' should have really been called 'One (Gangsta's Paradise) Love'. Oh, and while we're on the subject...Robbie Williams - Lee from Blue is NOT remotely fit! 0.8/5