Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hannah's Single of the Week (15/11/04)

Special Mentions:

Embrace - 'Ashes'
Embrace - 'Ashes'One Coldplay reject later and Embrace are back in the charts. 'Ashes' is their follow-up single and it's okay, but not amazing. I want to really like it. It has potential to be a storming success in the world of WL. Alas, it seems overdone, especially in the verses, making the chorus seem like an anti-climax. Ignoring all that, it's not too bad. 2.9/5

Franz Ferdinand - 'This Fffire'
It certainly isn't as sublime as 'Michael' and it isn't quite as catchy as 'Matinee', but this download exclusive has a classy, eyeliner-loaded, art-rock video in the band's now signature colours of black and orange. This accompaniment is what really makes it work. Through the influence of Bridgey (as seen on Popworld) the Franz have now become firmly embedded in my musical brain, and they are not shifting. 3.4/5

McFly - 'Room on the 3rd Floor'
God, I'm going to regret liking this!The video is possibly the best thing they've done, and the song isn't too bad either. McFly seem to defy all our expectations, even if the pop-lovers amongst the critics think they're going a little too 'Oasis'. If you want my full opinion, check the post from last week. Otherwise just take a look at this rating, because McFly probably aren't going to see one like it for a while! 3.3/5

Single of the Week:
Gwen Stefani - 'What You Waiting For'

Gwen Stefani, if you've seen her on her promo visits across the UK, appears to be all legs and slightly insane in the brain. With her short skirts, huge shoes, and insane fashion sense, she looks like some sort of new age Spice Girl. This is her first proper solo single, taken from her forthcoming album 'Love Angel Music Baby' and is a piece of 80s style synth heaven. The tune is catchy, the lyrics are incoherent mumbo-jumbo and the video is a Japanese take on Alice in Wonderland. Starting off like your average piano ballad, it surges into ticking clocks and the now immortalised line - 'take a chance you stupid ho'. 4.1/5

Avoid at ALL Costs:

Jojo - 'Baby It's You'
You only have to listen to it to realise how rubbish it is. Thirteen year old girls should be in school... 1/5

Lemar - 'If There's Any Justice'
Lemar has a lovely voice - there's no denying that. However, singing something as cliche-packed as this is unforgivable...1.2/5