Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Hannah's Single of the Week (22/11/04)

Special Mention:
Keane - 'This Is The Last Time'
After hearing this stunner performed live, along with the rest of Keane's set, I was suitably impressed. I also received an informative little flyer telling me that the single (probably on the dvd format) includes some live performances. So, you should really purchase the single for those alone. 'This is the Last Time' has been released by Keane already, on Fierce Panda Records, but this Sunday will be the first time they actually chart with it. As for the song itself, it's good, but not brilliant, and the video isn't anything particularly inventive, but after singing along to it with over a thousand people, I can't deny it packs a lot of power. 3.7/5

Single of the Week:
Delays - 'Lost In A Melody'/'Wanderlust'

Upon hearing the beginning of the latest single from the Delays, you could assume it's yet another piece of faceless dance music, and not really from a team of indie dreamers from the same place as produced Craig David. 'Lost in a Melody' literally IS 'teaching the indie kids to dance again'. The video's a bit cheap, but fair enough - this song was only made to dance to. The trademark Delays-style falsetto is there, along with some lighter, floatier moments, just to remind you which fabulous band is providing this sound. Even our friend Jessica at Dirrrty Pop has given it a whopping 98% approval rating. 'Wanderlust', on the other hand, drifts back to the smoother, dreamier sound of what you find on 'Faded Seaside Glamour'. Driven by steel drums, echoing vocals and jangling guitars, you just need to close your eyes and let the music consume you. God, I'm really beginning to regret not seeing them when they came to town... 4.5/5

Avoid at ALL costs:
Shania Twain Ft Mark McGrath - 'Party For Two'
Shania's been busy, promoting her greatest hits album, performing classics such as 'Man, I Feel Like a Woman' and 'That Don't Impress Me', but not this terrible duet. Have a listen and you'll see why. It's painful. 0.5/5

Brian McFadden - 'Irish Son'
Well, it certainly sounds better than his previous effort. The fact is, Briyan tends to get a little too personal. He's offended people, his video's been edited, but no, this doesn't make him controversial. It simply makes him look stupid. The lyrics are also a load of tosh, much like last time. See, Bri - working with Guy Chambers is only a good idea if you have remotely clever lyrics in the first place! 1/5