Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Record of the Year

Every year, ITV hosts a rather pointless knockout competition which results in some ridiculous single being praised as the best of the year. To prove my point, weren't Westlife the victors in 2003? Anyway, here is 2004's shortlist of ten:

Anastacia: Left Outside Alone
This song had amazing chart staying power, and relaunched Anastacia's career. It was an adventurous song, and not quite to my tastes, but still a great piece of pop. 3/5

Brian McFadden: Real To Me
It got to number one. It was incredibly bad. It's bound to win, isn't it? 1.5/5

Busted: Thunderbirds
Umm. This one might win, actually. 2/5

Girls Aloud: Love Machine
Now, this is more like it. Despite the fact that Girls Aloud aren't exactly 'my music' I can appreciate what a great pop single 'Love Machine' is. 4/5

Katie Melua: Closest Thing To Crazy
My mum likes this, and I can safely say it's the best thing Katie Melua's done, but then again, that isn't saying a lot. 2/5

Maroon 5: This Love
Now, whatever you say about Maroon 5, and this song, 'This Love' is incredibly popular, bringing Maroon 5's combination of rock and r&b into the mainstream... 4/5

McFly: Five Colours In Her Hair
I'm actually surprised that McFly's debut is a contender, as opposed to their slightly better followup, 'Obviously'. 1.5/5

Natasha Bedingfield: These Words
This double-chart topper is another strong contender, but to be honest, it's just begun to get a little on my nerves. 2.5/5

Scissor Sisters: Laura
My single of the year. Period. 5/5

Will Young: Leave Right Now
Erm...wasn't this from 2003? Oh well, I quite like this one too. 4/5