Monday, November 22, 2004

School of Rock

Xfm are currently hosting a vote for their School of Rock competition. A huge number of bands have covered a range of indie and rock classics and it's your duty to vote. So, what's special? Every band member is under 18. There are even some 7 year olds involved! What is so amazing is (even though you have to sift through some rubbish) that some of the bands are pretty darn good. We at WL recommend:

Red Lemons - 'Hate To Say I Told You So'
Highly Strung - 'Creep'
Band 101 - 'Under The Bridge'
NV - 'Time Is Running Out'

And that's without having time to listen to them all. There is a truly huge list of bands, so we'd advise using the Ctrl and F shortcut to scan for each band - happy listening!