Saturday, November 20, 2004

Single of the Week According to Leo

I only have a few minutes, so excuse the brief post. I did write about some other singles, but, rather like the singles themselves, what I said was very dull. So let's skip right to:

Single of the Week
Gwen Stefani - 'What You Waiting For?'

10 Reasons You Must Buy It:

1. Tick-tock, tick-tock!
2. Hannah and I have both selected it was our Single of the Week. Yes, we agreed on something. This sort of thing doesn't happen every day, you know.
3. Take a chance, you stupid ho!
4. The 'Alice in Wonderland' video.
5. You're still a super-hot female!
6. TOTP: "But the backing is pure electro-disco, which only makes Gwen's Kate Bush-isms sound even more wild, and therefore great."
6b. Apparently Gwen looked a bit Kate Bushy on TOTP.
7. Gwen is ace.
8. And mad. And from out of No Doubt.
9. There is an instrumental version on the CD, so you can sing along and pretend to be Gwen Stefani! You'll have a wonderful 3 minutes 43 seconds before you crash back down to earth and remember you are a nobody.
10. If no-one buys it, and it bombs at number 234, they won't release 'Love Angel Music Baby', Gwen's new album, which will probably be the best pop album of 2004 (until Girls Aloud release theirs).

So off you go to buy it. Tick-tock.

This week's other Leo-approved releases:
McFly - 'Room On The 3rd Floor'
Girls Aloud - 'I'll Stand By You' (I'm just being loyal to the Aloud, really)