Saturday, November 13, 2004

Something for our stateside pals!

Yahoo! Launch currently is hosting a vote for some best British new acts. They have lovingly acknowledged some previous success stories - WL favourites Franz Ferdinand, Muse, Snow Patrol and Keane - and are now on the hunt for the next big UK product to smash the states. So, as current voting stands, who have we got*?

1st: The Music - 'Freedom Fighters'
We like The Music. It seems they're perfect to appeal to the USA. I just still can't get over the fact the lead singer (in some odd way) reminds me of Jamie.

2nd: Dogs Die In Hot Cars - 'I Love You 'Cause I Have To'
Having recommended the album to him, Leo has bought 'Please Describe Yourself' and has given it his official seal of approval, saying it is the 'antidote' to anything depressing, boring or a bit embarrassing. This song isn't the best the Dogs can do, but it's still a ska-influenced piece of arty pop.

3rd: Razorlight - 'Golden Touch'
Now, we like Razorlight, and we LOVE 'Golden Touch'. This song is amazingly catchy and it's practically impossible to resist singing along. In fact, once you've seen and heard Razorlight in action, you'll find it impossible to resist them at all!

4th: The Libertines - 'Can't Stand Me Now'
I suppose the American press hasn't had such exposure to the wild antics of ex-Libertine Pete Doherty. Without this excess bad press, would the Libertines be so popular? The fact remains that if you like slightly disjointed indie rock, you'll really dig their sound.

5th: Hope of the States - 'Enemies/Friends'
We haven't been exposed to this band, but their name suggests that they have something to do with America. It's a shame America doesn't appear to want anything to do with them, voting them into 5th place.

You can view all the videos from the voting page - please check them out!