Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Whatever's Left of...Band Aid 20

I have a few things to say about Band Aid 20. Despite what seemed to be a pretty good lineup (if you ignore the likes of Busted) the song has turned out to be more of a cut-and-paste vocal, that doesn't, in any way compare to the original. Sure, it's a charity record, but I have a feeling plenty of the 'credible' artists involved are going to wish they could forget this.

It's thin. It's boring. The vocals are nothing amazing. It's a rush job without any amount of enthusiasm. (No doubt I'll buy it.) And they even scrapped the artwork from Damien Hirst in favour of some killer polar bears and drugged-up reindeer preying on a child.

Mind you, Damon Albarn deserves a round of applause for making the tea.

On a slightly more positive note we would like to disagree with Popjustice over their comment about our name-providers Snow Patrol:

'A stellar indie lineup that has ended up including, er... Turin Brakes and Snow Patrol. So if z-list indie nonentities were somehow allowed onto the record, where were the pop z-listers?'

Ahem. Snow Patrol have had one of the biggest selling albums this year. Z-listers? I think not. PJ should know better than to think it's all about the singles sales...

Oh, and on the subject of singles sales - what does everybody think about the future merger between the popular download chart and the singles chart?