Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Cheeky Girls. Why? - A Non-Single of the Week from Jamie

In my personal opinion, talent is, or at least should be a very important part of whether or not you release/continue to release singles.

Nobody told this to Monica and Gabriela, did they?

The Cheeky Girls - Girls and Boys The Cheeky Girls

This song could, of course, equally have been called 'The Cheeky Song - Mark 15', because it is essentially the same song. Yet again. That's right, our favourite pair of Transilvanian twins are back, and are just as dire as ever.

I suppose it isn't necessarily their fault. Again, novelty singles are great, as long as the people micky-ing themselves are aware of it (See last week's NSOTW). The thickly accented voices don't really lend themselves to singing, and as their equally-Transilvanian mother is the chosen lyricist of the pair, there's hilarity for all who actually bother to listen to the lyrics. Need I remind you of the bridge from 'The Cheeky Song'?

'Come and smile,
Don't be shy,
Touch my bum,
This is life!


'And take your shoe-sies off! Wooh!'The girl's fashion sense is somwhat questionable. Their penchant for gold lamé hotpants is somewhat unnerving, as is the fact that they dressed up as fairies for their 21st birthday. Then there was the cheerleader get-up for the fantastic 'Take Your Shoes Off', as well as various red-carpet disasters.

All in all, I feel it would be kinder to let the girls go. Like putting an ill dog down, there's no point letting them make quite so much of a fool of themselves for years to come.