Saturday, December 04, 2004

Hannah's Single of the Week (06/12/04)

Tonight, something's coming. Something good. I DO know what it is, and it IS gonna be great. But anyway:

I will be back next week, on full form, if I can actually find the energy to wake up. I will leave you in the capable hands of two boys and an extremely lazy tiger. Rock on. Here is a quick sum up of this week's new releases - remember, this is the penultimate release week for those hoping for Christmas number one!:

The Good:
Kylie Minogue - 'I Believe In You'
It took a while to capture my imagination, but this Scissor Sisters collaboration is slickly produced and is clearly influenced by Babydaddy. The chorus is catchy, and I'm ashamed to say I like it quite a bit. 3.6/5

Ash - 'Renegade Cavalcade'
It isn't amazing, pounding, summery rock like 'Orpheus' nor is it as tender as 'Starcrossed' but 'Renegade Cavalcade' has been worth the wait. After withdrawing their original elephant man-style video, which was produced in their absence, Ash have finally got round to releasing this single. It's not bad, but we recommend buying the album instead. 3.7/5

The Not-so-good:
Robbie Williams - 'Misunderstood'
Robbie can do good ballads, like 'Eternity' and 'She's The One'. He can do timeless pop classics, like 'Angels'. However, this isn't Robbie at his best. It's weak, the video looks cheap, and much as I love Robbie's work, it's not convinced me to buy his Greatest Hits. 2.5/5

Mousse T ft. Emma Langford - 'Right About Now'
So, the artists with the honour of being our first ever SOTW return, with something remarkably similar, but nowhere near as good. In comparison to 'Is It Cos I'm Cool' this new release is a little flat, with nothing new or interesting to offer. Avoid. 2/5

The Bad:
The Beastie Boys - 'Open Letter to NYC'
They have their fans. Unfortunately I am not one of them. I'm sure their music is perfectly good, but everything they've released this year feels like a drill in my eardrum. 1/5

The Cheeky Girls - 'Boys and Girls'
Why they are still going, nobody really knows. Who is even buying their records? This time they've enlisted Hollyoaks star Andy Newton-Lee to guest star. He's going to regret this soon, if he doesn't already, and believe me, this lot make Nadia look good! 0.5/5