Monday, December 20, 2004

Hannah's Single of the Week (20/12/04)

How boring can you get? Nobody is really bothered this week, are they? Well, they never are...

What is basically on offer this week:
The X-Factor single (which I'm not going to bother reviewing)
Some hip-hop rubbish
More download exclusives
and...oh, something decent, that happens to be a download-exclusive.

Hmm, dilemma here, folks. Alan S over at UKSOTW is going to be a bit stuck!

Single Download-Exclusive of the Week
The Charlatans - 'Loving You Is Easy'

'Up At The Lake', the album from which this download is taken, has been placed on my Christmas list for no apparent reason, other than I liked one of the other singles - 'Try Again Today'. 'Loving You Is Easy' is something different from the aforementioned single, with a piano intro, and seems to share part of its melody with both 'Fields of Gold' and something by The Corrs, along with something from 'The Scientist' going on. Hold on a moment - it's a game of Guess The Tune! Okay, this IS a bit disturbing, but the song does work, even if it isn't particularly original or imaginative and doesn't stand out from most of the music on offer at the minute. However, it seriously is the only thing I like this week. Katie Melua? Westlife? Steve? I didn't have much choice. 3/5