Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Hannah's Single of the Week (29/11/04)

To be honest, there could only be one single that stands out this week, no matter what I think of it. Meanwhile, there's been a few okay-ish releases from bands that have impressed me in the past, and the obligatory cheese you get in the run up to Christmas. Next week, the contenders for Christmas number one will be released, although according to the media, and the bookies, it's set in stone that Band Aid 20 will clench that coveted title, along with huge sales figures and, more importantly, lots of money going to charity. So, without further ado, here are this week's single highlights:

Special Mentions:
Green Day - 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams'
Now ridiculously overplayed by Radio 1, we've gone off this a little, but it's still a great song. Green Day are bringing their music to a whole new, increasingly mainstream audience. 4/5

Babyshambles - 'Killamangiro'
It's like the Libertines, just more of a shambles really. I've not made my mind up with this one yet...2.5/5

Fatboy Slim - 'Wonderful Night'
Norman, Norman, Norman - you have some wonderful ideas, but there's something missing from your songs. They've just not got that spark that keeps them new and fresh and exciting and not remotely repetitive. Interesting video, mind you. 2.5/5

Natasha Bedingfield - 'Unwritten'
The success story of the year (despite only one real dynamite single) is back once again. Again, this track's a grower, and no, I won't turn the radio off if I hear it, but I'm still not completely convinced by this latest frontrunner of pop...2.5/5

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Buy Band Aid 20:

1) The (albeit slightly muted) Radiohead guitar solo, courtesy of Jonny Greenwood. Oh, and Thom Yorke on piano is always a plus. In fact, the actual band isn't all that bad.
2) Watch the video carefully...are Busted singing? Nope, it's Tom from Keane! Now, whether you like Keane or not, the erasure of Busted's solo vocals can hardly be a bad thing. I just have to pray they don't re-edit the video...
3) Daniel Bedingfield putting his heart and soul into his performance. It's incredibly amusing. We were going to suggest that a certain Damon Albarn (observe his cheeky grin) spiked Daniel's tea, but we've been reliably informed that he really is a bit of lunatic.
4) The money goes to charity. And you can't say fairer than that. Seriously. Despite the fact that the song is fairly rubbish in places, it's all for a good cause.
5) If you don't like it you could always go here and join in the 'fun'.

While I'm at it, can I take a moment to mention Chris Martin's hair? What DOES he think he's doing? Chris, sweetie, when you shaved it off, that's when Coldplay had the major success. You no longer looked like a geek-from-hell and instead you were an intellectual who made the VH1 100 Sexiest list! Now you could easily scare off anyone that tunes in to watch the Band Aid video (for the fifteen millionth time...)

Then again, you could do worse:
Nadia - 'A Little Bit of Action'
We love Nadia. We loved her cigarette cravings, shouting, screaming and the way she always read out instructions despite the fact you could hardly understand a word she said. She made Big Brother exciting once again. So what if Brian Dowling forged a fairly successful career as a TV presenter? Nadia - being a popstar is not the way to go, much as the WL team love you. 1/5