Thursday, December 23, 2004

Just to remind you...

We are still here. I have been working all week (child labour - it's an outrage!) and so I haven't had as much time to 'encourage' the boys to write as I might have done. Expect the following uberlists by the end of the year:

Best Singles 2004
Best Albums 2004
Live Performances 2004
Musical Moments of the Year 2004

Well, we can only hope. However, before we publish these lists we would like to say two things:

1) We've not charted them, like everyone else. Why? There's three of us, with the most diverse (not to mention constantly-changing) musical tastes, and it's just not fair. So, instead, various staff members have given micro-reviews for different records, to reflect our views in this point in time.

2) We will not be rewording the views of Q Magazine*. We are not indie-puppets. I like to think that we have our own views, and it's our honesty that has brought people to WL. So what if we DO like Keane? Hmm?

Somebody far geekier than I has actually bothered to complete the Christmas Quiz, and in very stylish fashion. Congratulations, Michael! He has forbidden me to buy him a prize, although he will probably regret this and come grovelling at the next available opportunity. Oh well - a girl can hope! :P

* or Smash Hits, if your name is Leo