Saturday, December 25, 2004

So this is Christmas...

Hello folks! This is Hannah wishing you a very happy Christmas on behalf of the WL team. We're enjoying ourselves, eating, drinking and listening to the heaps of CDs we got for Christmas. Well, I am anyway.

Jamie sends his best, although he regrets to inform you his computer has blown up. Yes, apparently there was a spark and a funny burning smell, so we don't think he's exaggerating. Anyway, he won't be around for a while. Feel free to rally messages of encouragement (if you're one of his 'adoring fans' through the WL email, because we're expecting it may be a little hard for him to get a new computer. Oh dear...

Leo is around, with heaps of dvds and books (no mention of a single CD!) and appears to be enjoying himself. Svetlana is away in Ghana, hopefully having a great time in a rather different climate. Richard Parker stole the turkey and has eaten the lot.

Nothing much changes, really.
We'll be back shortly before the New Year.

Lots of love,
Hannah xx