Wednesday, December 29, 2004

UK Top 75 (26/12/04)

No, we really couldn't be bothered last week. Mince pies were present and the offer of a rest was too good to refuse. Anyway, does anybody care, really? Both of the records at the top of the chart have been raising heaps for Band Aid. I sincerely hope, and I MEAN sincerely, that some of that money goes to help the tsunami disaster. At the minute, that's where it's really needed most. In fact, go and donate. Now. Right here. As soon as I can get a parent up here, a sizeable sum from my own savings is going somewhere it's needed, and without the aid of a charity single.

Anyway, moving onto the charts. There's (predictably) not an awful lot of activity this week, despite the fact that there was nearly a whole week's worth of peak-time sales before Christmas. To be honest, there wasn't anything worth buying, let alone reviewing.

There's some re-entries towards the bottom of the chart including Mylo with 'Drop The Pressure' (winning the award for most unusual addition to the Xfm playlist) at 74. 'You Got The Love' by Source ft Candi Staton is at 71. Danzel is back in the chart at 70. Jay Z is also back with '99 Problems'/'Dirt off your Shoulder' at 69.

'Silence 2004' by Delerium ft Sarah McLachlan is at 64, while Stonebridge ft Therese and the song 'Put Em High' are still lingering at 63. Over a year after its release, the Christmas effort from The Darkness is back at 58. Still, outsold by Nadia, of course, but it's a brave (read: 'unwanted') return. House of Pain are at 49 with 'Jump Around'.

The first new entry in the top 40 (one of two) is at 11, and it comes from Lethal Bizzle with a song called 'Pow (Forward)'. And yes, with a name like that we haven't even given it a listen.

Anybody would think I had given up reality TV completely (sadly, no, Celebrity Big Brother starts soon, apparently, and I'm likely to give in...) when you hear I haven't actually heard Steve Brookstein, who is new at 2 this week. Though, going by the general view of the blogging public, I'm sure many would pat me on the back and say congratulations, and that my ears have truly been saved. Then again, hearing G4 destroy 'Bohemian Rhapsody' (thankfully, I avoided their rendition of 'Creep') was enough to make me ban ITV on Saturday nights. Thank heavens for Strictly Come Dancing.