Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Whatever's Left - Live Acts 2004

This year I managed to cover a fair bit of the rock/pop spectrum by seeing Pink and the Queens of Noize at the NEC, Keane and Brendan Benson at the Cambridge Corn Exchange and Do Me Bad Things, Ash and The Darkness at the NIC. My favourite? It was easily Keane, because of the quality of the venue, but Ash and Pink were also extremely good. It made me realise how much fun it is to see a band at a more intimate venue. Brendan Benson was easily the most impressive support act, Do Me Bad Things were the most bizarre, Pink gave the most outrageous, homoerotic stage show, and the Queens of Noize were the most terrible excuse for a support act I had ever seen. And they're even worse television presenters...

Um. I've only seen one live act this year. Cough, Britney, cough. And before anyone makes a comment about Britney and live, she certainly didn't mime at the show I went to, even if Heat magazine does like to tell you she mimed her way round Europe... The support act, JC Chasez, danced nicely and may have taken off his shirt. So that was bearable. 4.68/5

Richard Parker:
Well obviously I toured with the Darkness, solidified in white paint (it's a wonder that they didn't call in animal rights!) for their big stage show. Quite obviously, I am bursting with star quality...