Friday, December 03, 2004

Why the cynicism of record companies manages to upset even me - A Semi-Non-Single-Of-The-Week from Jamie

First things first. I love Big Brother. I love it with a passion, and it pretty much takes over my existance for those ten short weeks when a handfull of (un?)suspecting people are thrust into the public eye.

This year, anyone who happened to read my LiveJournal (qu'on peut trouver ici) would have noticed my Nadia Almadaadoration for the divine being known as Nadia Almada. The Portuguese diva entertained us all with her nicotine addiction, fiery latin temper, and that laugh. She also did, in ten weeks, more for the transsexual community than could have possibly been hoped by winning the prize.

However, all this aside, one thing that wasn't all that impressive about our Nads was her singing voice. The word 'caterwaul' springs to mind, and it often provided a few more giggles to the viewing audience.
Nadia's crowning moment. But will we ever see it again?
It seems that somebody else noticed this too. Somebody, somewhere decided to release 'A Little Bit of Action', Nadia's debut single, upon us. The song itself, a remarkably Cheeky Girls-esque affair, was written especially for Nadia, although obviously somebody forgot to check the key. Nadia's somewhat deep voice doesn't quite hit all the notes - but it doesn't matter, because her backing singers sing it along with her, like an impatient mother teaching her child to read.

'A Little Bit of Action' isn't the world's best musical foray ever, and it isn't meant to be. You see the idea of a Portuguese transsexual reality TV Star who can't sing apparently screams 'novelty record', and this is what I find disturbing. Hearing Nadia talking about her song, she sounds so enthusiastic about it. I only hope that she isn't too naïve to realise that they're leading her on. I hope her naïvité doesn't make her belive she can become a popstar. If the record doesn't sell, they'll drop her and crush her instantly.

However, Hannah reliably informs me that it's doing OK. I'm not sure whether this is better or not. What could build up someone's hopes more than a hit single, and as soon as single #2 crashes and burns, as it inevitably would do, Nadia'll be out on her ear again. It's not a particularly nice thing to do to someone, and they're just playing on the fact that she's a rarity, and, although the hoi polloi liked her in the summer, they won't necessarily go out and buy her song.

I really hope it doesn't all go wrong for her.

1/5 (and trust me, that '1' is just because it's her...)