Thursday, December 30, 2004

With a little help from our friends...

Since we're nearing the end of the year, I thought I'd offer up a few thanks to various people who've been there for WL in the short time we've been around:

The LJ Crew:
We'd like to thank The Pop, Michael and Callum, Julia, Harriet, Emma, Bridgey, Adam, Mikey D and Phyl, amongst others, for visiting, loving our work, inspiring us, suggesting things and being some of the loveliest people on the planet. Oh, and the mysterious Travis-loving Jules, who linked us completely out of the blue! Crystal - The Love Pavilion was the first music blog I ever read, and inspired me no end. You have a unique style of blogging (and lizzing!) and whenever you do take a break my day is incomplete.

Blogging Buddies:
Steve - one of the most entertaining people on the planet - your writing, whether it is for lowculture, Panda Pops, your lj, or even TOTP, is a great read!
Jessica - for all your support and poptastic-ness!
Box Five - my favourite independent band and the root cause of this blog!
Popjustice - for being the most interesting, and honest, music website on the planet!
Edward O - for linking us and providing a great mp3 blog, we're sorry to see you go!
Jonny - sarcasm, music and amusing links galore - I love your site!
Ranting Human - one of our first real fans, we'll never forget that!
Backroads - for keeping the comments alive!
Simon and the gang at SVC - for directing the most visitors to our site aside from the bizarre searches on Google!
Alan S - for giving a wonderful analysis of UK singles each week, and prompting us to listen to things we wouldn't have listened to otherwise!

EVERYONE who has read, commented, returned, told their friends, linked us or provided valuable inspiration!

And to Jamie, Leo, Svetty and RP - it would be nowhere near as fun without you!